Fabulous boy advice


How do you know if you like a boy?

If when ever there is another girl around your crush you may get jealous or if you blush when you are around your crush

How do you know if a boy likes you?

If a boy blushes around you and does ridiculous things then he likes you because he is nervous

How do you deal with your crush?

Remember never be so on top of your crush if you do act like that your crush will know immediately that you have a crush on him remember to just act chill act cool like nothing had changed

What if you have competitions?

If other girls like the same boy as you they may act jealous so that means that you again just have to act chill you may think they are bullying you but they are just jealous

What if a boy asks you out?

Remember if your crush asks you out talk don't just say uh uh if you like him say yes if not say no it's easy when it happens

This is how to flirt

If a boy talks to you and hangs with you eats lunch with you that's a sigh that he wants to know if you will flirt back

What is flirting ?

Flirting is like a game keep that in your head

Keep in mind...

That you are who you are don't change yourself because of a boy

Here is a quote from pop star Selena Gomez

This is from her song who says

I wouldn't wanna be anybody else

Be your self don't change your self