Absent Work

Dr. Wise

If you are absent, your missed work will appear on this website. Please complete the work within 5 school days.

Friday's Reading Test

Reading Story Test

Write your answers on paper. You can use your textbook.

Reading Vocabulary Test

Write your answers down on paper.


Complete the digital worksheet on paper. Unscramble the letters to spell each spelling word. Use your spelling list in your agenda for help.
Big picture


1. Complete the digital worksheet. If you need help, watch the instructional videos below that review the different strategies for multiplying two digit times a two digit.

Social Studies

Research the following people: Thomas Sharpe Spencer, William Bean, Dr. Thomas Walker

Use the research buttons below. Display your finding on a Smore, Padlet, Linoit, or Buncee. Post your presentation link on the Classroom Newsletter.