10 Dystopian Rules

Anna Waller

Dystopian Society Rules

Anna Waller

Ms. Sibold

Honors 9 English

19 January 2016

Dystopian Society Rules

  1. One must not own any form of literature (i.e. books, magazines, novels, articles, poems, etc.) for it could make the mind think in ways it should not.

  2. Every individual (including adults) must be inside their own house by 9:00pm, and all lights are to be turned off by 10:00pm.

  3. Citizens must only be allowed to eat fruit, vegetable, grain, and wheat products, and are not permitted to bake their own food.

  4. Must have approval by the government date or marry a person.

  5. There is a limit of 2 children per each household.

  6. If you are not married by 30, then the government will assign a partner for you.

  7. No one is allowed to own a pet of any kind.

  8. No singing, writing, drawing, painting, or any other forms of expressive entertainment is allowed.

  9. Individuals are limited to 10 personal belongings each (citizens are provided with food, shelter, furniture, & clothes).

  10. Must always abide by what the ruler says, and cannot speak out against the ruler.