The Great Smoky Mountain's Animals!


This flyer will tell you all about animals you can find in the smoky mountains! Below this paragraph, you will find out all the animals in mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians, fish and endangered species you can find here

Not threatened animals

  • black bears
  • wild turkeys
  • Salamanders and Frogs!
  • Fireflies
  • Great Horned Owls
  • Brook Trout
  • Elk
  • And Box turtles!

Threatened and endangered animals*

  • The yellowfin madtum- Threatened
  • The spruce-fir moss spider- Endangered
  • The Red cockaded woodpecker- Endangered
  • The spotfin chub- Threatened
  • The California N. Flying Squirrel- Endangered
  • Indiana bats- Endangered
  • The Duskytail Darter- Endangered
  • The Smoky Madtom- Endangered
* All the animals listed are protected here!