Week at a Glance

Feb. 15-19

From the Principal's Inbox - An email to Coach Joe Moore from Friday 2/12

Good morning Coach,

Really exciting game last night! Just wanted to send you a quick email to share 2 kudos to you and your team that stood out from the stands--

1) So many pretty free throws from 7th graders--guess all of those pressure free throw drills are paying off!

2) Courtney and I were both really impressed that such a strong player did not come back into the game after getting T'd up and responding so poorly to coaches/teammates/ref, even though I'm sure it was tempting in such a close, hard fought overtime game to get him back on the court. Last night, you chose the character lesson over player skill. Good for you and the boys. Winning is also a bonus.

Happy Friday,

Mrs. Rebecca (Johnson) Gonzales, M. Ed.

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Teachers who attend the PTA meeting who are members win prizes. Potluck dinner at 5:45 with pizza and drinks (bring a side) and meeting from 6:00 to 6:15. Marlo has set up about 14 summer camps that you can peruse in the Cafeteria and there will be informative break-out sessions on college planning, high school transition and a Dual Language Parent Meeting. You are all invited to attend.
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Ideas to Action Committee

Thursday after school in Room 112 starting at 4:00 p.m.

The committee is currently working on bringing the best Carnival ever to our campus with a goal of raising $25,000.00. We are contacting local businesses for sponsorships and working to build those relationships with our area business associations. The first business sponsorship sign is up on the fence, promoting the Old Settler's Music Festival. Businesses may post a sign on the fence with a donation to our campus. If you have contacts with area businesses, please put them in touch with Jennifer Newell.

We will also look at a proposal by a company called Natural Pod, which makes wood furniture for schools from sustainably harvested trees. The have designed some of our open spaces that we want to transform into usable collaboration spaces for students. Your feedback and participation in decision-making and problem-solving regarding campus initiatives are always welcome and critical to the democratic process of shared leadership.

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Blended Learning and the Technology Integration Rubric

The video below is another good explanation of the campus and AISD initiative of Blended Learning. I am in the process of analyzing your scores as compared to my scores on the Technology Integration Rubric. I will send individual emails to those teachers who still need to score themselves. Here is the link again: http://goo.gl/forms/neZr5W4Ihj
Click here-- blended learning and the future of education: Monique Markoff at TEDxIthacaCollege