A burry environment

What Is The Tundra?

  • Tundra can be described in many ways.
  • A cold, lifeless biome.
  • A cold region in the Northern area of the North Pole.
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Learning About The Tundra

  • Tundras are located in Alaska, Canada, Scandinavia, Russia, Greenland, and Siberia.
  • The Tundra is 3 million square miles long.
  • There is no precipitation in Tundra, besides light snow.
  • Is located in The Artic Circle (around the North Pole).
  • Covers about 20% of the Earth.

Fun Facts About The Tundra

  • Tundra comes from the Finnish word "tunturia"
  • Tunturia means "treeless land"
  • Has 400 flowers, but only about 48 animals.
  • Has more carbon monoxide in the environment, than it gives off.
  • During the summer, there is no night and day- Just 24 HOURS OF SUNLIGHT.
  • The Tundra is home to many oil rigs, and oil mines.


  1. The soil in the Tundra is permanently frozen.
  2. Polar Bears are the largest animal to survive and live in the Tundra.
  3. There are 2 types of Tundra's .
  4. Most of our oil comes from the Tundra.

Would You Ever Live In The Tundra?

I hope the answer is NO! (The Tundra brings a lot of HEALTH PROBLEMS)
HYPOTHERMIA IS A RISK YOU TAKE when you decide to live in a Tundra.


As you can see, the Tundra is a cold environment. The Tundra has many chilling characteristics. You now have learned about the Tundra, and the characteristics of The Tundra. Also, you can see that there are many fun facts about this biome.