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Explain Everything

Explain Everything

Platform: iPad, Android, Windows

Price: $2.99


Explain Everything is an interactive whiteboard and screencasting (making a movie of what's on the screen) tool. While there are other apps that do the same thing, Explain Everything is by far the most robust app that I've used. It allows you to:

  • import pdf, doc, ppt, keynote, images, videos, sound files, websites to your project.
  • move and animate objects.
  • draw and annotate on anything you import or just on a blank screen like a whiteboard.
  • zoom and pan on objects.
  • record your voice and actions and play it back as a movie.
  • export your screencast and share it via Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, YouTube or to your iPad's Camera Roll.

It is robust enough to allow you to create high-end multimedia lectures but it is also has tools that are easy enough to allow students to use it to create short explanations or tutorials.

If you are interested in trying it out, TLT owns a copy so just check out one of our iPads and give it a whirl. If you like it you can always apply for a TLT Ungrant to fund the purchase.

Explain Everything 2.0


  • Have your students record math problem demonstrations to check for mastery (like Khan Academy).
  • Record lectures for online, flipped, or hybrid teaching.
  • Identify items on an image such identifying states on a map or parts of a cell.
  • Annotate papers with voice explanation for peer review.
  • Create multimedia presentations.
  • Use it as a whiteboard if you don't have access to a Smartboard.
  • Take photos during an experiment then add them to explain what happened during the experiment.

These are just a few ideas. I'm sure you can come up with even more.

Final Thoughts

Normally I don't like to advertise apps that cost money because I know teachers never have any but this is worth the $2.99.

Pros: students are not required to log in. They also don't have to publish to any public venue. They can just save it to their Camera Roll. The annotation tools and recording are easy to use.

Cons: it is a robust tool so there are a lot of features. As a result, the interface can be overwhelming for some, especially younger, users. To use all of the features well takes practice (as does anything in life you wish to be good at). There is no free version for you to play with before committing to the paid version.

Like I stated above, if you are interested in trying out this app then you can check out one of our iPads and play with it before you buy.

Mendi Benigni

Instructional Technologist: School of Education, Health and Human Performance

College of Charleston