My favorite number 24

Mya postell 3/4

General info

My favorite number is 24

1.It is the date of my birthday

2.It is my uncles birthday as well.


I played the factor game and I chose the number 24 and the other player got the most factors.So do not choose 24 first.

Game 2

24 is the best number to choose for the product game because i ended up wining that game.

Prime factorization

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Order of Operations

(12+4)-4 to the second power x1+4

16-4 to the second power +24



Other Information

Factors of 24:1,2,3,4,6

Multiples of 24:24,48,72,96,120

24 is a composite number because It has more than one factor.

24 is a even number because two can go into 24.