Christopher Reeve

By Lydia Frew

Who is Chistopher Reeve?

Christopher Reeve was a Actor who faced a great tragedy.

Early Life

Christopher Reeve was born on September 25, 1952. In 1962 he was in his first stage performance. In 1970 Reeve enrolled in Cornell College. In 1973 he was accepted at Julliard in drama. After he finished at Julliard he went back to Cornell to finish college.

Reeve as Superman

In 1977
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When Reeve Faced Tragedy

In 1995 Christopher Reeve was in a Horse Ridding competition and he fell of the front of his horse and broke his top two spinal bone, but at leased he was wearing a helmet so he did not injure his brain. Instead of injuring his brain he had the worst spinal injury. His injury disconnected his head from his body.
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After He Faced Tradgety

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