Abilene Current Events

Megan Madden, Alex Denney, Gage Luneau

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Future Great City of West Texas (March 15, 1881)

  • Several hundred people arrived in Abilene before the sell of the town lots and began to establish businesses and a church
  • In two days buyers purchased more than 300 lots
  • By 1890 the city had a population of 3,194
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Join the Stampede (1865)

  • The Chisholm Trail became a major route for transporting cattle, was established by Jesse Chisholm
  • Ran 600 miles from San Antonio, TX to Abilene, Kansas
  • By 1869 more than 350,000 head of cattle were driven along the trail, by 1871 more than 700,000 head of cattle were driven

The Native American Story

The Abilene area used to be inhabited by nomadic Indians and US military personnel before the railroad. Once the cattlemen had driven the Indians out they began to round-up the Indian's herds in the 1870's. When the Texas and Pacific Railway began to go westward in 1880, several ranchers and businessmen moved to soon to be Abilene. They agreed the route should travel across the northern part of the county. A new town would be established between Cedar and Big Elm creeks, named Abilene.
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Join the March

Farmers unite! Join the march against the railroads and against "money power". Let's reduce the power against the railroads by storing crops and letting the government loan us until the crops are sold then we will pay them back. By doing this will limit the power that railroads, banks, and merchants have on farmers by charging for transportation cost of crops. If we stand alone nothing will happen but if we unite we can solve the problem of so many farmers losing their business.


Starts at $30 a month, must be able to ride horses and to herd cattle for long distances. Will be giving food and shelter for the duration of the trip. Must be able to tame horses, brand cattle, and fix fences.

Local Farmer response-

Dear Editor,

I'm a local farmer in Abilene and I agree on your ideas of uniting together to take down the overpowered railroad companies. I barely have enough money to pay for food for my family because of the high prices to transport my crops. I think if we came together and with held our crops, they will realize how important farmers are and that they will decide to lower their transportation costs. Thank you for taking some of your time to read this and hopefully this will bring farmers together.

Native American response-

Dear Editor,

I'm a Native American and don't believe that what you did was right. You pushed my tribe out of our territory that we have lived on for centuries. Even though we are mad that you have raided our villages and caused us to travel from our homeland we will not fight back because we are truly outmatched. I hope that you realize that your destroying a race that has been here for hundreds of years, and you have no right to.