Wanted Asta's Son

By Troy Olson

Crime Committed

Crispin is accused of stealing goods from The Manor House. Lord Aycliff saw Crispin out after curfew in the forest and declares Crispin a thief. He previously stole wine from the church. Crispin is a known thief.

Wanted Dead or Alive

Reward for whoever finds Asta's son. He was spotted after the theft in several areas. These areas include: the church, the forest, and the water mill. Approach with caution. Asta's son is on the run and will do anything to avoid being captured. 20 Shillings goes to the person who brings Asta's son in.

Where to Bring Asta's son

Send word to Aycliff if Asta's son is spotted. If captured bring to Manor house in Stromford to collect your reward.