Fossil Fuel Emit Most Of Our Carbon

Fossil Fuels are emitting most of carbon dioxide

The countries that pollute the most carbon

Saudi Arabia, Canada, Korea, Iran, Germany, Japan, Russia, India, USA, and China.

Objects that contain a lot of Carbon

White dogs, green trees, and yellow flowers. These contain a lot of pure carbon dioxide which is purely black and sooty.

Top industries or activities emitting the most carbon.

Just fifty companies are responsible for producing 73 percent of the total carbon emitted by the largest 500 corporations on the planet.

The amount of carbon used in a year.

If you're an average resident of the United States, your contribution adds up to more than 5.5 tons (5 metric tons) of carbon a year.

What is the Problem?

Fossil Fuels like coal natural gases and oil are using up a lot of our carbon dioxide. Along with power plants and human activities.
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What is the Cause?

Many industries and activities such as fossil fuels, power plants, human activities and much more have emitted lots of our carbon dioxide.
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What is the Solution?

With all this carbon dioxide being emitted the solution has been the rising and overflowing of shorelines, destroyed animals habitats,and much more. Solar Panels, using less car transportation will reduce the amount of carbon dioxide being used.
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