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December 2015 * Tips & Tricks From a Daily Oiler


If you are new to essential oils, they are more than just lovely aromas. The oils I use and share are harvested at their native source and provide certified pure therapeutic grade oil with a chemical composition that supports physical and emotional wellness. Essential oils have been around for centuries, but their benefit is now available as a resource and a tool for your home. We use them every day in our home and on the go for many needs.

I want to share the benefits and blessings with as many people as I can. This newsletter is largely devoted to those who already use oils, but if you are looking to create change in your life or you're thinking "what's the big deal about essential oils?" let me know. I love to work with and educate friends near and far.

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A December Gift and Tradition from doTERRA

doTERRA treats its members every December. They want the best of essential oils in every home, so they offer their wellness advocates a free 15 ML bottle (250 drops) of Frankincense for every 200 PV order you place in December (limit 4). It's a promo oilers anticipate because "Frank" is a must-have in our arsenal of oils and we won't go without it. I use mine as a precious commodity all through the year and look forward to restocking every December.

If you need help knowing what to put in your cart to make the most of 200 PV to get your free Frankincense, let me know. Share the love with friends and family who may want to begin using oils. Everyone wants doTERRA in their stocking, and anyone can take advantage of this deal, including Santa.

If you are on the Loyalty Rewards program you will also get a free 5 ML bottle of Holiday Joy for a 125 PV order.

Frankincense, King of Oils: Why do you need this ancient gift in your home now?

* Helps build and maintain the immune system

* Balances mood

* Supports a healthy inflammatory response

* Promotes cellular health and regeneration

* Enhances the benefits of other oils when paired with them

* It has antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, analgesic, and many other properties. "When in doubt, pull the frankincense out."

To use:

* We love to put it under the tongue for a quick-acting help for anxious feelings.

* Swipe over the forehead to ease tension and fatigue.

* Put a couple of drops on the feet to promote calm and balance.

* Frankincense is in the doTERRA vitamins and promotes overall cellular health and wellness. They are a great way to take this oil. You can also swallow a couple of drops in water to promote cellular health.

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Why is Frankincense one of the most expensive oils (when you aren't getting it free with your 200 PV order in December!)?

Frankincense is harvested in Somalia from the Boswellia Carterii tree which grow well in sandy soil, often in remote, hard-to-reach locations (see picture above). The harvesting from the tiny resin tears of this tree takes great skill and years of practice. It's hard work and takes 5 months to harvest. Once the resin tears are harvested, it is hand graded by size, color and cleanliness. doTERRA then uses only the top grade 1 of seven grades for its therapeutic-grade Frankincense oil. This is why Frankincense does not cost $14.95 like you will see in knock-off brands. Will that get you the most therepeutic, high quality Frankincense? No way. They may be offering one of the cast-off grades, but not the certified pure therapeutic grade oil that can provide the benefits of doTERRA's frankincense. It's a gift and it's a great gift to give yourself this month with a 200 PV order whether you are a loyalty reward member or not.

Get the Scoop in a 2-page spread in the doTERRA magazine...

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Another Free Oil with an LRP Order of 125 PV

You'll get the seasonal scents of Siberian Fir, Wild Orange, Clove Bud, Cinnamon Bark, Cassia, Douglas Fir, Nutmeg essential oils and Vanilla Absolute all in one bottle with a 125 PV loyalty reward order placed by December 15th. And if you're getting the Frank deal, that's 2 free oils for loyalty rewards members. Word has it that many oilers are swiping a dab on their holiday cards to scent them. Ha! Move over washi tape and fancy stamps.

Three Oils Perfect for the Winter Season

Cozy and Calm or Stressed and Stretched? Your Diffuser Can Make the Difference!

That's right! Pull it out and fill it up. Get out your oils and experiment. No matter how we simplify, the holidays can stretch and stress us. If you must be busy, diffuse your oils to support your mood and your energy. And if you must be indoors more, you might as well be cozy!

For uplift and stress Relief? Bergamot, Wild Orange, Citrus Bliss, lavender, serenity

For immune support? Breathe and On Guard

For cozy holiday? Cassia, Holiday Joy, Douglas Fir, Wild Orange, Clove (see below)

When you diffuse, the whole family/office/room benefits. Plus, you get wonderful scents and breathe easy while doing it. Say good bye to your plug ins, your candles, your sprays. Get diffusing. If you need another diffuser and you want it free, book a class with me.

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The Individual Touch Rollers are Available Starting Dec 1!

One of the best innovations to come to doTERRA is the Touch rollers. Starting today, they come not just in a kit, but individually. They are pre-diluted with fractionated coconut oil and are very smooth rollers. You can't discount the ability to dispense oils drop by drop out of the bottle - still a huge bonus of the bottles- but these are perfect for kids and sensitive skin - the two times when you might want to dilute. In fact, an oregano roller is hands down the most handy dandy of these rollers b/c we always dilute that one. They're also also handy for swiping on feet late at night when everyone is in bed or to hand to a kiddo. You are going to love the convenience and the pricing. Check them out when you create your 200 PV order for a free 15 ML bottle of Frankincense ($93 value) this month.
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Oils Paid For Life

I'm starting an "Oils Paid for Life" program with my team. If you would love to get a 150 or 200 PV order of oils for free every month, let me know. I have just three spots right now.

How do you do it? Do you have to be 'salesy'? No!

Do you have to do doTERRA as a full-time business? No!

Do you have to be brand new to oils? No!

The requirements? A wholesale membership. Share your oils and what you love about them with others. Hold a few solid classes and you can achieve it. If you are motivated, this can be done in one month's time. December has the highest success rate for oilers getting their oils paid off.

It's a huge blessing and relieves my budget to get my non-toxic hand soap, toothpaste, vitamins, probiotics, detergent, household cleaners, lotion and spa products, skin care and of course oils absolutely for free every single month. Let me know if you are interested and I will help you! It feels great to not have to think about the budget when you support your oils habit and bless your family on an ongoing basis with better physical and emotional wellness!

Need a Gift? This Gift Tin is Perfect. Get it While Supplies Last.

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A Healthy Gut for the New Year

A new gut probably wasn't at the top of your list but I'll tell you why it's at the top of mine.

Gut health is our physical and emotional wellness. It can be compromised by stress, physical exertion, antibiotics and chemicals we are exposed to in prepackaged or fast food meals.

The result is that we get our guts become overwhelmed with the bad stuff. This is a silent problem but it manifests with many symptoms: we are tired all the time, get infections, emotional issues, skin rashes, inability to lose weight, digestive issues, sick more often and a host of other problems you may not know why you are experiencing. This has happened to me, and I have a relatively "healthy" diet.

An easy thing you can do to support better gut health? Take a quality probiotic.

They aren't created equally. Many are broken down by stomach acid before you receive benefits. It's' also great to find one that has several strains of good bacteria and delivers billions of colony building units. doTERRA's Probiotic Defense Formula fits the bill. It delivers prebiotic and probiotic support to your intestine through a time release capsule to sustain the benefits.

How to take it? 1-3 times per day. My goal is 3x's per day for 18,000 CFUs. That's a great amount, based on my research. It can also be taken with GX Assist 10 days of the month which helps kill off the bad bacteria. Just PB Assist alone though is a great start. One tip - cut out coffee, soda and alcohol to avoid recolonizing bad bacteria.

Digestive Enzyme Complex: What does it do?

While we're talking gut health, the Digestive Enzyme Complex is another one to know about. It is a proprietary blend of active whole-food enzymes that are often deficient in cooked, processed, and preservative-laden foods.

This supplement supports the body’s constant production of enzymes for healthy digestion of food nutrients and speeds the metabolism of nutrients to cellular energy. It helps with the natural digestion of proteins, fats, complex carbohydrates, sugars, and fiber.

For my son and I who do not do well processing dairy and gluten, sugar, etc , we use it daily in case some of the offenders slip into our diet. If you are indulging this holiday season, keep it handy for improved nutrient absorption and metabolism of enzyme-deficient, processed foods. Take it with you while traveling and trying new restaurants to make sure stomach upset doesn’t slow you down.

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Peace on Earth: Make Over Your Mood

The six new emotional aromatherapy oil blends (Motivate, Cheer, Passion, Forgive, Console, Peace) are now available individually (also come in a kit) starting December 1!

Why do these oils work so well to effect emotions?

From Dr. David Hill:

Essential oils are simply a mixture of volatile aromatic compounds. These compounds are able to interact with the olfactory (smell) receptors in the nose. Our sense of smell can have a profound effect on our emotions, and simply inhaling the aroma can elicit an emotional response. The smell receptors located on the upper surface of the nasal cavity make direct links with the limbic system of the brain, where the scent is perceived and processed.

Peace is my current favorite for our household right now. It contains several oils that work in concert for calming.

You've Got Support

When you buy oils on my team, you've got support. I'm here to help you.

Are you on Facebook? Worth it just to join the our "Oiltastic!!!" group page if nothing else. We post daily with tips and tricks on how to use your oils and daily news from doTERRA. You can also post questions there.

Want to get educated? We have a weekly class in OC, or I'll be holding an online class soon you can watch from your iPad or phone. Let me know if you want an invite.

Want to give the gift of oils to yourself or someone else? Message me at laurie.brooks@cox.net and I'll teach you the most intelligent way to buy.