2019 Summer Experience

Maplecrest Elementary - For incoming 2nd & 3rd graders

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2 week classes

Cooking with Math June 3-14

Do you like to eat and cook? Come hang out and cook up a storm, while investigating fractions. Fractions and food go hand in hand. In this class, we will work with fractions to follow recipes and make yummy treats. We will be Skyping with a real live cook, learning about the nutritional value of some of our favorite snacks with Mrs. Bell from the extension office, and even some exciting field trips. Come cook up some great fraction skills!

Mad Science June 17-28

Is SCIENCE your jam? Then come and join us for some crazy great experiments. We are going to be building things to experiment with, finding out if an onion has DNA, and take part in some amazing field trips. This will be a hands-on class with lots of experiments! During the last week, we are going to take part in a mega geyser tube activity to see how we can shoot diet coke into the air. We will be skyping with a real live scientist. Get ready to slide on your lab coat and safety goggles, to be a mad scientist! There will be a small cost for some activities.

4 week classes

A Summer at the Movies

Join us for a grand summer experience, Summer at the Movies! Each week will be full of fun and adventures based on a theme from a movie. Explore the great American past time of baseball, camping, ocean life, and fun with toys. We will end our Summer Experience by seeing Toy Story 4 at the movie theater! Possible field trips include: Boswell Park, Bennett Springs, Boswell Pool, Movie Theater
Field trip expenses will not exceed $20

Around the World in 20 Days

Do you want to go on vacation during summer experience? We will be traveling around the world through wonderful books, cooking experiences, and art projects. Exciting adventures await for students interested in painting, sculpting, sewing, printmaking, drawing and tasting authentic food from various countries. Students will become expert navigators as we explore map making, geocaching, virtual field trips, and actual field trips.

Camp Maplecrest-incoming 2nd graders only

*For incoming second graders only*
Get to know your new school- Maplecrest- and the surrounding neighborhood, while also learning about ALL things camping. We will take walking field trips to area attractions near Maplecrest and field trips farther away to Whirlwind Ranch and The Nature Center to learn about "Slithering Snakes". Come join all the fun AND be ready for your new school in the fall!

Camp Whata Week

“Camp Whata Week” is all about the amazing things that can happen in one week. Each day has a variety of activities and a new theme.
Make It Mondays
Students will create crafts, food, slime, and variety of other projects. The focus will be to help kids use their imagination.
Try It Tuesdays
Students will learn dances, act out plays, play sports, compete on a ninja warrior course and exercise. The focus will be to help students find their passion and stay fit.
Wet Wednesdays
Students will read on a beach towel, go to the pool, and play games such as pass the sponge paint/water balloon battleship. The focus is to enjoy being kid and have some summer fun.
Thoughtful Thursdays
Students will get involved in community projects. For example, donating or volunteering at the animal shelter. The focus is to make our community a better place.
Freaky Fridays
Students will participate in many different science experiments and solve a series of problems to reach success in a break out room session. Fridays will be all about problem solving and fostering a love for science.

Codes of Mystery, Jungle Adventure, and Innovative Rats!

There are so many books to share but which ones? Join me as I share a few of my favorite authors, books, and activities. We will enjoy the intriguing book by Graeme Base called “The Eleventh Hour: A Curious Mystery.” Readers will lose themselves in Base's illustrations filled with clues and codes in order to solve a fun “who dunnit” mystery. We will have to break a code to find out who. Activities planned relating to the book include, but aren't limited to, the use of chromebooks, board games, and outdoor games depicted in the story. These activities will add to our reading enjoyment.

Next, we will immerse ourselves into the jungle fantasy, “Jumanji” by Chris Van Allsburg. Activities include animal research, playing the board game, inventing a board game, possibly a field trip to the Dickerson Park Zoo, and viewing the original movie, “Jumanji” (1995). Also, we will enjoy the whimsical book of David Weisner’s, “Tuesday” and create our own stories to share. We will utilize Google Slides on chromebooks, paint, and complete other activities.

Finally, we will also focus on a chapter book read aloud of "Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH" by Robert O'Brien, a 1972 Newberry Award winner. As we read about Mrs. Frisby's search for the mysterious rats of NIMH for help, we will explore and build simple machines, electric circuits, magnets, research rats and mice, and design mazes. These activities will involve the use of chromebooks, legos, and other makerspace/STEM materials for building, and hopefully a field trip to the High School to work with a physical science class and/or a visit from the Outreach Phys-Biz van from MSU. We will view the movie, "Secret of NIMH" and compare/contrast the book and the movie. If time allows, we will read the sequel, “Rasco and the Rats of NIMH.”

Explore Your World with Disney Pixar

The creators of some of our favorite animated films were inspired by the world YOU live in. From the deep ocean depths with Nemo, to the African Savannah with Simba, together we can learn about the real life inspiration for the movies we love. Join me and learn about our favorite animals and the wild world they live in. We will complete several STEM challenges about animal habitats, adaptations, and life in the zoo. You will even have the opportunity to design your own animal habitat. We won't only watch, read, experiment, and investigate animals though. We will also experience them in person with a trip to the Springfield Zoo and Wonders of Wildlife and pretend to be a marine animal with a trip to the public pool! Animals are also the inspiration for some of our favorite books, so we will take weekly walking field trips to the Laclede County Public Library.

Find Your Voice, Follow Your Dreams

What is your passion? What do you want to be when you grow up? Do you like to use Technology?
How would you like to learn about anything you wanted without anyone telling you what it had to be?
We will use technology, along with local resources to research our dreams and our passions.
We will end our Summer Experience with a presentation of our passions or dreams.

Funky Fit Kids

Funky Fit Kids will learn different ways to stay fit in a fun way. We will explore different fun exercises including sports, obstacle courses, zumba- dance fitness etc. We will also learn how nutrition helps our body by cooking up some kid-friendly easy recipes. We hope to go visit the American Warrior Academy, go swimming at the public pool and weekly walking trips to Boswell Park. At then end of our class we will get to bring home a recipe book of all our kid friendly recipes.

H2O Summer Fun!

This is a science course based around one of our biggest needs as living organisms, water! Join me for an investigation of hands on learning. We will conduct experiments, take trips, and explore topics including, but not limited to; states of matter, water cycle, pollution/filtration, solutions and mixtures, density/water tension. We will have some sweet fun making frozen lemonade, rock candy, swimming, and problem solving polluted water!

Legos and Fairy Tales-Incoming 2nd graders only

In this course students will bring a variety of Fairy Tales alive through Lego builds, StoryBoardThat, and with readers' theater. We will create a backdrop scene and put on plays for our fellow classmates. Students will also have time to read and discuss the fractured fairy tales. We hope to take a field trip to the Discovery Center in Springfield as well.

Nature Kids!

In this course, prepare to become one with nature! If you enjoy picnics, nature walks, hikes, animals, and creepy crawlers, this is the class for you! We will be outside as much as possible exploring the world around us. Potential field trips will include trips to the Watershed Center in Springfield, Bennett Springs State Park, and Ha Ha Tonka State Park. Get ready for a summer of learning and as much fun in the sun as we can get!

Not So Bummer Summer

Join me in an adventure to earn "Thrill Points" along with Judy Moody and her little brother, Stink. We will learn all about the thrilling things Judy wants to do to keep her summer from being boring like riding roller coasters, creating mosaic art, and searching for Bigfoot. We will also take time to investigate our own interests, conduct science experiments, and take trips! Let's make this a summer to remember!


Hey BATTER BATTER! Do you love baseball and everything that goes with it? Well, sign up! You will get the chance to go to a Springfield Cardinals game and learn from our very own Yellow Jacket Baseball players. WOW! In this experience we will get to be hands on while learning the history and fundamentals of America's Favorite Past time. There will be HOME RUNS you don't want to miss! Let's PLAY BALL!

Sensational, Summer Story Adventures!

Are you ready to explore life with some of our favorite book characters? We are excited to experience the adventures with Zack, Junie B, Mudge, Mercy Watson and many more. Zack, from the Zack Files, will let us explore volcanoes, outer space and of course a little of America’s Favorite pastime….baseball. Junie B. has so many crazy adventures in her life! We will experience the beach, have a field day, and work as a master chef on “Chopped Jr.”! We can’t forget our favorite characters….animals. We will have lots of fun with Mudge and Mercy too! Join us for entertaining filled days, Science Fridays, guest speakers, and some trips that will help take us around our community. We are working on field trips right now….some possibilities are Rutledge- Wilson Farms, swimming, baseball with a few high school players, and Ripley’s Believe It Or Not.. Field trip cost will be no more than $10.00. We can’t wait to see you in June!!

STEMming in Summer with Fitness, Nutrition, and Nature

This class will use Novel engineering to incorporate STEM activities into many areas such as fitness, nutrition and nature. Mrs. Bell will come in and teach mini lessons throughout the course in regards to nutrition. We will have field trips such as swimming at the pool, Springfield Cardinals game, and the Zoo. Students will have fun engineering their own animal containments as well as creating physical activities using STEM. It will be a great time of experimenting, researching and learning!

Summer Science! Experiments, life cycles and STEM; Oh my!

We will conduct our own science experiments, study different animal life cycles and get creative with STEM projects! This class is filled with lots of hands on fun! We will watch our very own caterpillars turn into butterflies and then take a trip to the butterfly palace! We will also take a trip to Rutledge-Wilson Farm to see many of the animals that we also study. A trip to Bennett springs is also planned to hear about the life cycle of fish and feed them! Summer school wouldn't be complete without a little summer fun as we walk to the park and enjoy a little time at the pool! Looking forward to some great science summer fun!

Yee-Haw! Musical

Yee-Haw! Time to round up partners. This is a musical about the wild west and ranch life! We will be singing, dancing, and acting. The group will also learn about ranch life; with science projects, recipes, activities and books! We will have guest speakers and field trips to local farms. All ranch hands need to cool off and sharpen the saw, too! Visits to the pool will help cool us down. The Musical performance will be the last week of summer school, at a location TBD. Field trip costs will be about $10.00.