Newsletter 9/18-9/23

Mrs. Eaton's Class


Students this week will be focusing on rounding, addition and subtraction word problems, and estimation. The class will discuss reasons why someone would estimate in the real world and what it would look like. If a word problem says "about" or "estimate" students will know to "round first". Students must be confident with their rounding skills in order to estimate. We will continue to practice this in class!

Language Arts

This week students will begin writing their personal narratives. We will be discussing the needed elements of a personal narrative and what they should look like. Students will be focusing on how they can write a creative and eye catching beginning this week.

Social Studies

This week is Freedom Week! Students will be breaking down the phrases to the Preamble of the Constitution to help them better understand it. In small groups they will be illustrating these phrases and putting it into their own words.


The class will practice using various science tools to help them gather data. This week students will practice using a measuring tape and reading a thermometer.

Important Information

*Students have Shine Time on Wednesday afternoon.

*Students will get their new spelling words on Tuesday. They will have their same high frequency words from last week. Please remember that I will be testing the students over words they did not study! They need to be able to apply the pattern/rule to the new word correctly. The spelling test will be Friday.

*Homework will start on Friday. The assignments will always be due on the following Thursday!

*A brief parent meeting will be held to discuss the "Restorative Discipline" approach 3rd grade is taking this year. It will be at 6:00 on September 29 in the cafeteria.