Mennies 4th Grade Room 10 Inquirer

Spotlighting People on Kindness

Have you ever wondered,"What is Kindness?" The Merriam Websters Dictionary defines kindness as the quality or state of being kind; or a kind act. Some synonyms of kindness are courtesy, grace & service. Some antonyms of kindness are mercilessness and inhumanness.

Here are some things people around Mennies Elementary School had to say about kindness. The school janitor, Mr. JR, reports, "Kindness always means to be nice, and that kindness is contagious. When someone shows kindness to you it makes you feel good, and it makes you feel appreciated. It makes you feel respected. Kindness never ends." A third grade student, Trista, said, "It makes a person feel good, and happy." Ms. Francis, a lunch aide replied,"Kindness is an act coming from your heart, not your mind." Jason, a first grader said," It makes you feel good, and it means to be nice to other people."

From my interviews and research I found kindness to be, an act that has the power to make someone feel good. It is not something done for personal gain, but out of the goodness of ones heart. Kindness is a warm hearted act by treating others the way you want to be to be treated. Kindness is when someone is considerate and nice to others. Kindness is when you open your heart to others, and you put others needs before your own. Examples of kindness are saying please, thank you, and doing things such as sharing and helping others. Kindness is something that needs to be shared more often.

By Reporter: Kylee Reissek
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Live, Love, Laugh

Can laughter help you? Will your day be better from laughing? Mrs. Geiser LEAP teacher, thinks so. She feels that laughter makes people feel better. The more people laugh, the more likely they will get along. In addition, Mrs.Chance, Mennies 3rd grade teacher, agrees. She says that laughter makes a person happy. When a person laughs that person becomes happier. Others around that person are soon to be happy, and then they will join in on the laughter. Woah! Is laughter contagious?

Teachers at Mennies were asked this exact question. All agreed that laughter is contagious. Think about it; have you ever sat next to someone that is hysterically laughing? Did you start laughing or giggling with that person? People tend to follow along with happy people. People want to be happy and laughing helps express this feeling.

Furthermore, kindness is spread through laughter. Laughter helps people release stress. Mrs. Michelle, Mennies aide, says that when someone makes another person laugh it creates a great feeling in the heart. Mrs. Chance further states that people respond in a positive way and laughter is used as a positive influence. Lastly, Mrs. Burns, Mennies teacher, agrees that laughter is positive, it can ease the mood of a situation.

To laugh or not to laugh? Think, do you want to be healthier? Of course you do. Relieve some stress and sit down with your best friends and talk. Yes, talk, don't text. Converse and have a good time sharing stories. Remember, laughing about your experience and stories will be contagious and positive. Enjoy each others company and you will feel better from giggling, chuckling, and laughing out load (lol) that will occur.

By Reporter: Drew Brosh and editorgroup
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Is Kindness Contagious

In class my editorial group and I asked 4 people the following questions. Is kindness contagious? They all believe yes, it can be contagious. Here is something Mrs. Hawk has to say about this," It's hard to be in a bad mood when someone is smiling at you." Mrs. Speakman said," Kindness should be apart of your life."

Question number two. ''How many times a day do you think you show kindness and how? They all had the same answer, all day. Mrs. Pennington replied with one magnificent answer," 1 time an hour so that would be 16 times a day." Fifth grader, Tanasia, replied that she helps her mom cook and clean and that is how she shows kindness.

We then asked how do you think kindness can change peoples attitudes towards each other? In this question, there are two great answers that we would like to put out there. Mrs. Speakman stated," It makes the world, school, and life better," that is one really great response. Another fabulous answer is by Mrs. Hawk, she says that it can change how you start the day, maybe, if you don't start the day off right, kindness can.

By Reporter: Amerie Guzman
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How We Can Make The World a Better Place

If you could make the world a better place, what would you do, and how would it make the world better? Mrs. Hadley, first grade teacher, said she could help people in need by donating clothes, food, and other donations. Mrs. Sue, our school security, is nice to others by treating them the way she wants to be treated. She also volunteers at the SPCA. Mrs. Walters, would like to teach children at a young age, so they can spread kindness. Consuelo Cuevas, a third grader, wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up, she wants to help sick animals.

Lots of people have talents. You could be anything you want. You could make the world a better place, one small action at a time. Helen Keller said, "I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something, and because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do something that I can." People like Helen Keller could be anything, she became an author, despite the fact that she was blind and deaf. She accomplished her dream. You can be anything you want to be, you could be anything that can make the world a better place. Remember that you can change the world!
By Reporter: Jacqueline Hernandez

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Manners and Etiquette

Manners and etiquette are important. My editorial team asked questions about our topic, manners and etiquette. The first question was, if people use their manners to you, how do you feel? All of the people we interviewed said similar things. Their responses were, it makes them happy when other people use their manners, and it puts a smile on their face. Another question was, do you think manners can effect people? Mrs. Hensley, a teacher at Mennies School, said that people are mean when people don't use their manners to the best of their abilities. The last question was if kids read the newspaper that we are making about manners, do you think they will use their manners to adults? They all said yes, because they can think of what good manners can do to other people.
Manners and Etiquette can help the community. Use your manners and etiquette and you will see how powerful they are.
By Reporter: Cris Alavez and editorial group
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The Spotlight

Did you ever come across a person who always smiled at you, opened the door or was kind to people? Have you ever stopped to think that you should mirror them? Well it all started when a former student from Mennies School who had previously been hospitalized at CHOP put a request on Facebook for items to be donated to children that are currently too ill to leave their hospital beds. Mrs. Morvay and Mia discovered it on Facebook and decided they wanted to help. Mrs. Morvay and Mia Morvay changed many children's Easter. They did something so wonderful that it changed the way I view Easter. People think that Easter is all about egg hunting, candy and presents, but these two special people proved the contrary. As Mrs. Morvay stated, "Easter is when you spend time together with family and connect with each other by doing memorable things." They showed kindness to kids at CHOP by collecting toys to cheer them up during their sickness. They gave puzzles, Lego toys, coloring books and art materials so that boys and girls could spend some joyful time even though they are bound to the hospital and going through a tough time. Most importantly, their generous and kind gifts allowed families to make everlasting memories.

The generous and kind act that Mrs. Morvay and Mia Morvay set out to do should be acknowledged and is deserving of the spotlight. So start now and look around you, and search for ways in which you can help people and make a difference in their lives.
By Reporter: Hannah Jara
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Kindness Spotlight

If you are looking for someone who shows a lot of kindness, then look for Eric Reissek!
He feels that kindness is treating others the way you want to be treated. He says that, "Kindness means to do what's right." Mr Reissek also stated,"Kindness has the power to break walls.'' He noted that he shows kindness through simple acts and helping people in need.

Mr. Reissek is a principal at Landis Intermediate school in Vineland, NJ. I have had the chance to observe him displaying kindness while at work. I have observed Mr. Reissek showing kindness by helping his students solve problems. He talks to them and discusses what they should have done in a certain situation. Another way he shows kindness is walking through the halls greeting his teachers and students with kind words and a smile.
Reporter: Kyle Reissek
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There are many people with different manners in our community. My friend, Nancy Sanchez, is a bus driver for senior citizens in Bridgeton.

She is very friendly with the people where she works. She makes a big difference at her job helping transport the seniors to different places. Ms. Nancy Sanchez uses her manners and shows kindness by doing extra things for the seniors like taking food or things to their house or to their car.
Reporter Jayden Martinez
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Spotlighting Michael Brosh

Michael Brosh is a health and physical education teacher by day and a Vineland High School varsity coach and landscaper/construction owner by night. He is a busy man that loves and cares about all his jobs and his clients/students. Everyday he is excited to help people and he takes pride in doing so. For example, Mr. Brosh has created personal relationships with his landscaping clients, employees, and students. He often helps them when they are in distress. He constantly donates goods to families in need. He even goes above and beyond for some of his elderly clients for free snow plowing in the winter.

Mr. Brosh loves the game of golf. He not only teaches his team how to play fundamentally, but he teaches them life lessons as well, whether it is to respect others or teaching them how to be a family. In addition, he is well known for his for his jokes and stories. Mr.Brosh puts 110% into his actions. He is enthusiastic about every upcoming practice, match, or tournament. Mr.Brosh has also volunteered his time and taught youth how to play the game of golf. He is exactly like the person every kid would want to be.
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The World

Q: How do you make the world a better place?
A: Shanelle Stewart is a high student and she thinks treating others fairly and with respect is the way to make the world a better place.
Q: If you do anything to create change, what would it be?
A: According to Shanelle she wants to ban harmful things from everybody, so there would be no harm in the world.
Q: What would you be, if you could be anything, and how would it make the world a better place?
A: Shanelle says she wants to be a bone doctor, so everybody can have a good life and nobody would be bullied because they are different.
By: reporter Kyle Davy
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Bathroom Crimes

The bathroom crimes we are writing about are those that happen in schools. People need to be neat, not dirty in the bathroom because if they don't wash their hands they can become sick! People shouldn't hang out in the bathroom because they are going to miss their lesson. People shouldn't play in the bathroom because they can get in trouble.

Playing around in the bathroom is an issue. For example, people are trying to startle people when they come in the bathroom. When individuals finish washing their hands, they try to toss their paper towel into the trash can, but they miss. Then they just walk out and have oficially littered. Students lock the stall and then they climb over them. Why is any of this a good idea?!

If these crimes match your behavior then you need to change your ways. If you see the problems above, please report them immediately.

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The dress code for the Vineland Public Schools does not bring happiness to the students in our class. 18 out of Mrs. Togno's class dislike the school uniforms. The dress code started September 2013. When the dress code was started, all of the joy and happiness was sucked right out of the children. The students weren't as happy as they were in previous years.
Melanie Spendiff said, "The uniforms are dull, and they don't have any color." Some people also believe that you can't tell how a person is feeling or see their personality. However, there are 3 students in Mrs. Togno's class that disagree with the majority of the class. Derick Brizard is in favor of the dress code. He believes it is a good idea because students don't get bullied for the way they look. These friends think it is reasonable to wear the uniforms because they get treated the way they want and deserve to be treated.
There you have it, our fashion report from Mennies School.
Editorial Team: Aliyah, Kylee, Melanie, Stevie
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News around the World

Did you know that there are McDonald’s Restaurants in other parts of the world?

At McDonalds in Costa Rica you can order rice and beans!

It’s called McPinto.

When I went to McDonald’s in Costa Rica not only was I suprised that I could order rice and beans, I was surprised at how friendly the workers were. When they took my order, they smiled like they were happy to see me. When I said, “Gracias,” after they gave me the food, they said, “Para servirle.” (Which is like saying, “Don’t mention it. I’m happy to serve you.”)

I felt special. I felt noticed. The way they treated me made my day a whole lot better.

Of course you’ll find some people who say rude things in places like Costa Rica, but after I visited that country I thought, “Wow, I wish more people in the United States could be as friendly as a lot of the people I’ve met in this country.”

Sr. Howard


Listen my children and you shall hear
Of manners and etiquette there's nothing to fear,

Manners can make adults sappy
which always makes them happy

Manners make you cool
At home and school
Manners are important...that's the rule

Manners affect people did you know
Don't use them, you might make a foe

Now that you heard that from me
You can listen to what other's see

Nice words are in the groove says Miss P.
Please, thank you, excuse me

Manners are super, gentle and free
It's an act of kindness between you and me

I'll give you a tip, good manners make you hip
Just remember and practice what you learned " Don't trip"
4th grade Manners Rap

Dear Abby

Dear Abby,

I have a big tattletail problem. When ever I go to lunch, recess there is a big problem. When I get off of the bus and my brother hits me, I tattle. When my brother pokes me, I tattle. What should I do?



Dear Tattletail,

I am glad you recognize you have a problem. Realizing you have a problem is the first step in creating a solution.

Let me begin by saying your brother should not be putting his hands on you. You need to tell him to stop and why you don’t like it.

Now you say you always find yourself in the middle of problems no matter where you go. Well, maybe you need to reflect on why you are in the middle of these problems. Do you think that maybe sometimes you find that you have put yourself in situations you personally don’t need to be in? I hope this works out for you.



Dear Abby,

I am in the 2nd grade and in the cafeteria a bully threw trash at me. I told him to stop but he kept on doing it. He makes fun of me too. So what should I do?


Sad Girl

Dear Sad Girl,

We are more than willing to help you. We have quite a bit of advice for you. You can choose what you want to do. Our first piece of advice for you is to tell the aide or teacher. If you want, you can get a friend to help, or friends. Another thing you could do is you can try and avoid them. That means to try and stay away from that person. Since they didn't listen to you the first time, try telling one of their friends to tell them to stop. If all the other advice doesn't work for you, as a last resort you can tell them what they are doing wrong. But you can't let them ruin your day!



Dear Abby,

I have a problem reading, but I like books. I make books. I heard books bring you on an adventure. Sometimes I want to be the main character. How can I become a better reader?


Imagination Girl

Dear Imagination Girl,

First, keep on reading and read at home too. This way you can get better. Our second piece of advice to you is that you should not be afraid to read to other people because if you don't yet read well, they can help you become a better and more fluent reader. Our last piece of advice is that you should keep writing books. The more you write your own books, and the more you read them, you will become a better reader. No matter what, don't give up! Keep on reading!



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