Capital- The capital of Bangladesh is Dhaka. Dhaka has up to 15 million people. In fact; it is the 9th biggest place in the world!


Climate- Bangladesh is a flat country and has three mighty rivers: the Padma, the Jamuna and the Meghna. Also since Bangladesh gets a lot of rain, that means they get a lot floods.


Population- Bangladesh has about 140 million and one of the most densely populated countries

Religion- Bangladesh is 89.5% percent Muslim (Islam). Muslim in Arabic means 'one who submits to god'. HIndus is followed behind with 9.6%

Customs/beliefs- Muslims believe in Quran. Quran is a book that has been writen in Arabic language. They believed that Quran was revealed by god to Muhammad from the angel Gabriel.

Language- Bangladesh has 38 different languages but the most spoken is Bengali. Bengali is the seventh most spoken language in the world. Also Bangladesh's national anthem is spoken in Bengali

History Highlights

Bangladesh holds a lot of soccer matches. Such as Nepal vs Bangladesh, New Zealand, Sri Lanka and a heap more.


Bangladesh does a lot of agriculture but only have a little bit of land. Also about 4.5 million are completely landless so they have to share some of their crops.


Bangladesh has many schools from primary to higher secondary levels. It also has alot of private schools. Also the government funs more than 15 state universities.


Health levels are very low. Bangladesh has improved their poverty (31% 2010)

Living Conditions

Most of Bangladesh is in extreme poverty. They live in small, wooden houses.

Natural Resources

Some natural resources are: jute, rice, tea and sugarcane

Environmental Issues

Bangladesh gets their water from dams and rivers. Food is hard to find because of all the floods