Mixed Economy

Why Mixed?

Benefits Of A Mixed Economy

Mixed economies can reduce the amount of government regulation and government control prevalent in a command economy. Mixed economies can enable some government regulation in areas where there is market failure.

Mixed Economies

A mixed economy is variously defined as aneconomic system consisting of a mixture of either markets and economic planning, public ownership and private ownership, or free markets and economic interventionism

The Facts of a Mixed Economy

The Facts:

  • The US is a mixed economy
  • Some of the economy is left to the free market while the rest is controlled by the government
  • Mixed economies start from the basis allowing private enterprise to run most of the businesses
  • Consumers choice
  • Also a lot of competition to keep prices low


Mixed Economy


Some people think that Mixed Economies have heavy taxes that can reduce incentives to make you work hard and make profits so that there also efficient than a private sector. Mixed economies have a private sector that is encouraged by profits. It is the consumers choice of business and mixed economies provide helpful services.


In conclusion Mixed economies provide helpful and very efficient ways for you make good money for yourself. Nobody can tell you what to do or how to or what to spend your good hard earned money on! You and only you is the leader and boss of the choices you make so hopefully the Mixed Economy is right for you!