Honorable Samurai Wanted

Please help the ones who need protection

Qualities Needed-

-Strict code of honor

-learn bushido=warriors code

-have respect

-understand the history of samurai

-Heian, Azuchi Momoyama, and Edo periods

-become a weapons expert

-especially the sword

-be noble

-support their lords system of values

-protect your own values

Eduction and Values

-Physical training

-Chinese studies


-Spritual discipline

-live by Bushido

-Self discipline

-Loyalty and Honor in every aspect of life Bushido Code

-Integerty "The way of the warrior"

-Bravery and courage

-Kindness and compassion


Tell us about yourself!

If you are interested in the job that is needed, we will surly keep you in mind. Just make sure you follow the requirements needed. Thank you! Follow us on facebook and visit us for more information.