Leopard Shark/Triakis semifasciata

By: Haley Gibson

Leopard Sharks Family, and Order:

Family: Traikidae
Order: Carcharhiniformes

Leopard Shark: Physical Appearance

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Physical Appearance:

1) Top is silver-bronzed gray, fades to white underneath. Distinct dark saddles on back, sides, and fish.
2) Broad, short snout.
3) Triangular Fins.
4) Notched Caudal Tail fin.
5) 50-60 inches but can grow up to 7ft long (very rare).

Size, Eggs/Live birth, and Life Span:

Size: max- 2.13 m, (7ft long)
Eggs or Live Birth: Can produce litters of 4-33 pups.
Life Span: 20+ to 30 years.

Feeding habits (How and where it hunts, what it eats):

Invertebrates such as, crabs, shrimp, clams, octopus, bony fish, and sometimes sharks that are smaller than them. They usually forage for food in intertidal mudflats.

Habitat (where in ocean its found, such as shallow coastal, pelagic open-ocean, cold/warm waters, etc):

Found in littoral waters, inshore and offshore. Preference is for waters that are cool with sandy/muddy bays. Also, found in the bottom of shallow waters.

Global Distribution:

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