SINCE 1987

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Updates from the MB


  • RMR for the month of June was 1-3-5

  • Inactive members were the main reason for the poor showing in June and it needs to be looked upon in July.

  • Target for June is to get more Raises and also to get Matches.

Aaaaaaaaaand, Member of the Month is Shradha Agarwal. Congrats :D

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  • Strong Summer Dash response. Member took RNR seriously and contributed.

  • ILCEP Experiences.

  • TMP/TLP Experience stands at 69/23

  • AM Recruitment done.

  • Target for July is Recruitment and increasing productivity of the members.


  • Partnerships with 2 cafes, with Inox, Friends FM and

  • Freeze mob done at Forum.

  • Laid back attitude and Lack of initiative was a reason for discrepancy in targets set vs those achieved.

  • Focus for July is Quality partnerships rather than in Quantity.

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  • Matching Mania held thanks to the effort of CIM with no stones left unturned.

  • Department Meets held.

  • The target for July is to start with new initiatives to change the face of CIM in AIESEC Kolkata. Watch this Space.


  • RMR for the month of June was 29-16-2.

  • Problems faced by the department was with Member Engagement and Member Productivity.

  • There is a need for implementing new Matching techniques.

  • The way forward is Member Tracking and also giving them a strong JD, better and organized delivery and greater level of engagement.


  • RMR was 4-14-48.

  • Laid back attitude of both Members and Managers is a cause for concern.

  • The target for July is Member engagement.

outgoing Global internship program

  • RMR for June was 3-1-0.

  • New AMs recruited and were trained about the working of oGIP.

  • Low contribution as well as lack of co-ordination is a cause for concern.

  • Target for July is to get raises from UR partnership and a healthy Member culture.

  • Want to start innovating on different ways to get Raises.
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Business Development

  • After an enriching JNC in Goa, The Business Development Department is working in full force for the biggest event of AIESEC Kolkata's calendar, Global Youth Forum. BD and The Godfather Family do have a lot in store for AIESEC in Kolkata. Be Excited!!!!!! :D

  • We are also in talks with our Alumni to organize something which has never happened before; *A Munch* for the Alumni to get to know about the current progress of AIESEC in Kolkata and to relive their past days.

  • Contributing directly to Exchanges, We would like to congratulate Cheyus for his 3 matches! Way to go :)

On this note, we would ask AIESEC Kolkata to help us in delivering a kickass Global Youth Forum, 2014 :D
With less than a month to go for GYF, The Godfather Family is counting on the LC to help make it successful. Please share everything for our Facebook Page and also ask your friends to check out our website( and spread the word. Lets nail it :D
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