Financial Advising

Aleixs Emmons

Why saving and investing are important?

We save, basically because we can't predict the future. If we could, we would know precisely how much money we would need for the things that we want and need in the future. But, because we can't do this. The need to save money is vital. Also, another reason you'll need to save is because if you ever wanted to retire, you'll need saving or investments to take the place of the income you'll no longer get from your job. Saving money for emergencies would also help so that you don't get into debt for what you need.

The importance of investing is not only to have money for the future, but to protect the money you already have. The money in fact is used by the banks in stock investing so no matter if you invest your money yourself, or let the bank do it, it will find it's way to the stock investing. The only difference is that if you do it yourself, the unlimited profits could be yours to keep, rather than the banks.

Tips on saving

One big way on saving is to turn on your television and watch less t.v. There are a lot of financial benefits to this, less exposure to guilt- inducing ads, more time to focus on other things in life. Less electrical used and, so on.

Another great tip on saving is don't spend big money entertaining your kids. Most children, especially young ones can be entertained cheaply. Make games out of ordinary stuff around the house, like tossing pennies into a jar. Realize that what your children want most of the time is not your stuff. and you'll find money in your pocket. And Joy in your heart.