Hawk Talk

Oh, The Places You'll Go!

Hello team! My apologies that this is late in getting to you! It is officially second semester and we are back in our routines! Thank you for taking time to review routines and expectations with students as they returned last week. I am seeing lots of focused engagement in the classroom and students are happy to be back at school --- hearing lots of conversation at lunch and during arrival about what they are excited about in the classroom! What a great thing to see!

As we move into second semester, I ask you to reflect on parent communication. While we do not have formal conferences set during the second semester, we want to make sure we are making efforts to stay connected parents and keep them informed of their child's progress. Thank you in advance for the time I know you will spend communicating with parents to work as a team to support their child. Please know that I am here to support you as well and am happy to take part in that process. Janette and I are working together to make diligent phone calls regarding attendance and discussing with parents the importance of attendance. If there are additional ways I can assist, please let me know.

Remember, parents love to hear good news. Yes, it is important that we reach out to parents and let them know when we have concerns --- but it is equally as important that we communicate positive things with them as well! Who doesn't love a pat on the back? That positive message goes a long way in helping to unite with parents as a team. Please continue to share your parent newsletters and keep parents in the loop....we have a few parent involvement activities coming up that give us a chance to connect with families as well (Math/Science Night, Reading/Writing Night)....

One additional thing I want to put on the radar regarding parent communication --- the district has prepared some communication for buildings to share with parents regarding volunteer expectations and background checks. There may be some pieces that are new to parents or pieces that parents have questions about ---- we will be discussing this at our January staff meeting so that you know how to respond.

Tech Corner

For our tech corner this week, I want to share two things with you. First --- I have been sharing some quick MacBook tips via email courtesy of the high school staff. They have been creating youtube clips that are entertaining and informative! Sharon Schlup works to send out tips here and there as well regarding your MacBook. As we all learn together, please share any fun tips with the team that you may learn! I know that our Hawk Point PD (Officer Matt Waite) stopped by and showed me two new things I never knew just before the break --- let's all share our tips with one another! The second thing I wanted to share --- as you look for ways to increase student engagement with technology, please share your tips with the team. I know Denver is excited about a new tech piece he is trying with students and will be sharing with our team this Wednesday during PD...stay tuned!

Team Reminders

A few reminders for the team:

*If you have not started your NEE Unit of Instruction, please be thinking of what unit you will choose. Remember, all teachers are completing the full Unit of Instruction form this year. The student growth data is required to be reported for all teachers (this is a state requirement). As you plan for your Unit of Instruction, remember that you will need to meet with me to discuss your upcoming unit and provide the range of dates for your unit. Please feel free to ask questions and set up a time for us to chat about your Unit of Instruction as you begin navigating the forms. Also, I will come in for a full observation during your Unit of Instruction. All Units of Instruction must be completed and turned in to me by February 25, as I will need to include them in summative evaluations. This means that you must be finished teaching the unit prior to February 25 in order to provide student growth data and the necessary components of your Unit of Instruction. Please take a look at your calendar and your lesson plans for December, January, and February --- as these are critical pieces to consider when planning your Unit of Instruction.

*Thank you for your work on updating and adding the mid-year check components to your NEE Professional Development Plan. I have not been able to meet with each of you individually yet to check in, but will be setting times for us to check in and chat. I have spoken with staff about how the NEE form is functioning (regarding toggling the switch for implementation approval, then having to change it back so that you can make edits, providing feedback) --- so I want to say THANK YOU for your patience as we work through the updates on the NEE website and the troubleshooting they are doing with their forms. Your patience and hard work is very much appreciated!