GASC Gazette

January 2016

Happy New Year, GASC!

Hurry, Hurry!

January 22nd is fast approaching! This date is important for THREE reasons:

  1. Late Registration for Convention Deadline - It's not too late to get in on this AMAZING leadership opportunity. Click here for more info.
  2. Awards Application Deadline - Show off the hard work your council does all year long. Also applications for Advisor of the Year and Scholarships are also due. Click here for information on how to apply for awards.
  3. Deadline for Intent to Run Letters - Want to be a part of GASC Executive Board next year? Your intent to run letters must be sent by January 22nd. Click here for more information on how to run for office!


Why would you want to run for office? See what our current executive board members have to say:
  • “I love being a part of the GASC Executive Board because it gives me a chance to connect with people from all parts of Georgia. We were all just strangers in the beginning, but now we’re all great friends! From being on the board, I can say that I have a new perspective of leadership and responsibility.” -Secretary School
  • “Being just a member in student council has impacted my life in a positive way, now being part of the GASC Exec. is just surreal . Never did I imagine being here, and I am extremely grateful for all the unforgettable moments with such great people , and I will miss this next year." -Secretary School
  • "I love being on a member of the GASC Executive Board because of the ability to make a difference among student councils across the state, as well as being able to recruit new schools from across the state to enlarge our GASC family." -VP School
  • "Wow. The past 330 days have been such a new twist to a typical high school career. Serving as the President School for the Georgia Association of Student Councils has been such an amazing experience that we truly would not trade for anything else. Collaborating with schools across the state to put on some of the most dynamic events in Georgia is quite possibly one of the most humbling experiences we have been a part of. There is absolutely no doubt that we would fully recommend this position to any school in our state. We truly hope to see you at Convention this February, and we also hope you take the time to run for an office this year!" -President School
  • “It has truly been an otherworldly experience being a part of a great organization. If you want to be a part of an extraordinary team and a part of a great influence to the entire state of Georgia, this is the place for your school. Not only that, the amount of leadership training you will receive in the Executive board is ridiculous. Besides, who doesn’t like meeting other passionate leaders from the state?” -Journal School
  • "Executive Board is a fun and exciting way to meet new people and let your leadership skills flourish to new heights by taking you to places you never dreamed. Not only does this amazing experience help you learn more about the world of leadership, but it also is tons of fun in the process. The fun and exciting meetings are held in order to plan exciting event for leaders across the state to attend. Your hard work definitely pays off in this thrilling experience. GASC Executive Board has made a huge impact on our lives, and we want it to do the same for you! Don't forget to register for office before January 22, 2016. We wish you the best of luck!" -Parliamentarian School

What are the roles and responsibilities of each office?

President School

  • Attend all Executive Board meetings and GASC events, including their own district rally.
  • Serve as chair of the Executive Board and establish the agenda in conjunction with the executive director for all meetings and convention.
  • Plan for the annual convention.
    >Select the annual convention theme.
    >Select workshop topics and presenters.
    >Select keynote speakers for general sessions of the annual convention.
    >Give the opening address.
  • Serve as convention chair.
    >Provide convention registration materials & copies of convention rules.
    >Provide individual delegate packets including but not restricted to name badges and housing information.
    >Develop and arrange for the printing and distribution of the printed convention program.
    >Organize the assignment of workshops to delegates.
  • Propose state service project.
  • Represent or find a school to represent GASC at regional (SASC) and national (NASC) meetings at the expense of the association. (One delegate registration paid per event)
  • Preside at Leadership Summit.
  • Serve as a liaison for GASSP and other affiliations.

Vice President School

  • Recruit new schools to join GASC in the annual Membership Drive.
  • Host Leadership Summit.
  • Assist the District Representatives.

Secretary School

  • Record and distribute the minutes from the Executive Board meetings.
  • In charge of handling the hospitality room for the advisors at GASC.
  • Record minutes at the State Convention and advisor business meetings.
  • Facilitate round-table session at Convention.

Journal School

  • Maintain and update the GASC website.
  • Send out surveys for feedback for GASC related events.
  • Social Media and Marketing
  • Create and Send out the GASC Monthly Gazette.

*Minimal Technology expertise needed*

Parliamentarian School

  • Keep a current version of the GASC Constitution and serve as protector of the constitution.
  • Speak on behalf of the Executive Board in questions concerning parliamentary procedure.
  • Notify all member schools about qualifications and procedures related to running for a state office per the election policy document.
  • Act as sergeant-at-arms during elections and select tally clerks per the guidelines in the constitution.
  • Host a President’s Idea Exchange at Leadership Summit and a breakfast at annual convention if facilities are available.

Middle School Member at Large

  • Assist with recruitment for middle school membership and middle school participation at all GASC events.
  • Represent middle school interests on the Executive Board.
  • Compile resources for middle school members.
  • Provide support and resources for middle schools at District Rallies.
  • Coordinate middle school workshops and roundtables for convention.
  • Coordinate a middle school event for Saturday night of convention.

Student Council Idea of the Month

Nursing Home Trip

"In previous years, our student council’s holiday party has been dedicated to acknowledging the achievement of our student council. However, this year, we decided that we wanted to not only celebrate what we’ve done but also spread our holiday cheers to the community through the

party. We decided to give back to a local nursing home called Delmars Gardens because we wanted to put a smile on their faces. Consequently, we decided on donating bars of soap, as hygiene products are always appreciated in nursing homes. We came up with the idea to wrap the soap bars into Santa’s sled to fit into the Holiday theme.

In order to do this, the council dedicated about one hour of our holiday party on December 2nd, 2014 to making these gifts. We bought bulks of bars of soap and wrapped the soap boxes with Holiday-themed wrapping paper. Then, we attached two candy canes to match the shape of the runners (blades) of the sled. Finally, we added ribbons to the sled to add a finishing touch. At the end, the council together packaged over 65 soap gifts! The student councilhad a meaningful experience and also bonded as they packaged the gifts.

On December 22nd, 2014, 13 of our student council members went to Delmars Garden to deliver our gifts to them. We first handed out the gifts to the residents and got to know the residents of the nursing home. We talked to them and listened to them and their life stories. We did crafts with the residents where we cut out the picture of them and Santa and glued them on an ornament-shaped foam cut out. We even sang carols to them and soon, thecouncil and the residents were laughing, crying, and forming heartwarming connections. Both the nursing home and our council members were so appreciative and thrilled about this experience and the start of a new relationship that we decided to continue our service with Delmars Garden."

-Mountain View High School

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