Khajiit name mean?

What does prefix in a khajiit name mean?

Khajiit are the humanoid cats, they are the beast folks who have a very interesting yet a very complex naming system.

They are the very unique tribal groups with distinct culture along with a modern style of governing. Their names have a unique prefix and very different hyphenated suffix.

The prefix that is attached to their name is a prestigious title that they have earned in their life. It is a title of that they had been in some part of their life’s. most of the prefix imply a predesignated title.

They earn this title with the passage of time. The hyphenated suffix are not known as to for what reason they are used or what do they mean.

It is not necessary that all the Khajiits have a prefix, like Vasha, a Khajiit warrior.

A few of the common and popular prefix are as follows:

  • Dar- a thief or the cunning one

  • J/Ji/Ja- a young adult, a newcomer or a bachelor

  • Jo- the wizard

  • M –the virgin or child

  • Dro- family title belonging to grandparent

  • Ra- a very influential person

  • Qa- a very rare one

  • S- the adult