The New York City of the Midwest

Where is it ?

Chicago is located on the continent of North America. To be more specific it is in the Untied States of America.It is at 47.8819 north and87.6278 west. It's temperature can range from 18-84 degrees ferinheit. It's also right by Lake Michigan. In the summer you should wear light and airy clothes and in the winter warm and fluffy.

Moving Around

Chicago is a big city so you don't want to bring a car to only get stuck so why not walk or ride a bike. There is also a subway and buses. Maybe if your lucky you'll get a limo ride. Of course there is also taxis and rented cars. Most of the people you see will probably be white or black.

Places to see

Navy pier

Navy pier is a fun place full of games and food. Navy Pier is like a carnival only better. There even is a ferries wheel! Don't forget the funnel cake!

Lincoln Park Zoo

Lincoln Park Zoo is one of the oldest zoos in the nation. It's also very family friendly. They even have endangered species! There is more animals coming all the time. There is snow monkeys coming soon.

Fun Facts

Fun facts

The first car race was in Chicago.
In 2011 kids In Chicago had a snow day. The last one was in 1999!
In Chicago college football was cancelled because it wasn't educational.
There was no recess in Chicago for over 30 years!
In Chicago over 100 waiters were arrested for trying to poison people.
The languages spoken there are English, Spanish, and Polish.

Chicago's main industries are printing, Publishing, manufacturing, finance, insurance, and food processing.