Flag Pole Estimation Project

Manning Bergeron, Ashton Begue, Brianna Alumbaugh, Connor C.

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B.2 AA Similarity

AA similarity works in this project because the mirror reflects whatever angle your looking at so if the person standing locates the top of the flag pole in the mirror the person forms an angle from their eyes to the mirror and if you are seeing the top of the flag pole then the angle from the mirror to flag pole is equal to the angle from the persons eyes to mirror. That then forms one angle pair. The second angle pair is the person standing vertical forms a 90 degree angle and the flag pole which is vertical also forms a 90 degree angle forming your second pair of angles. Making these two triangles AA similarity

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B.4 Pencil Person Technique

In the pencil person technique you must have a person who is at an even height such as 6ft of 5ft. You must also have a pencil to roughly measure the height of the person compared to the flag pole. Have the person stand next to the flag pole while the person with the pencil stands farther back. The pencil person must have the top of the pencil level with the top of her head and mark where the pencil is level with her feet. After finding this see how many of these measurements equal the height of the flag pole. We used a 6ft tall person and got 5 pencils when we measured. Multiply the feet by the pencils (6x5) to get your rough estimate of the height. Our pencil person answer ended up being 30ft