Religion belief system


Who is the founder of Hinduism that's what people often ask well The answer for this question is that actually there is no folder of Hinduism it is known as a religion. Also the Hindus, Hinduism does not just have on specific or sacred book otherwise they have several scriptures. the Vedas scripture is the guide for a Hindus daily life. The orgin of Hinduism is that it was fouunded in India and not by and individual. It is more a complex and mixed religion, also Hinduism is supported


There are many beliefs in a Hindus life some are Caste systems is a rigid social class system in Hinduism.Dharma is the rules to follow.Karma is the idea of what goes around comes around. Also Polytheism the belief in many gods.Reincarnation is the rebirth of a soul into a new body it can be animal or human.


The Hindus practice some of these for their religionAyurveda

Ayurveda is an ancient Hinduism system of medicine and helping it was found that it is very popular in the west today Hatha yoga Yoga is a practices meditation, otherwise hatha is the basic part of traditions and meditation yoga.Kundalini yogaIt is a trantric type of meditation (yoga) the main focus is on the awakening upon kundalini.Namista greeting Is a nice gesture called Murda it is know as a simple act of having both Palms open of the heart and nodding your head.Puja is a practice when walking up every morning bathing and getting dressed but before eating or drinking they must go to the holy tree.sadhu is referred to the holy man, they are supposed to devote ther live to like a spiritual and religious life.Temple rituals Are the ritual or ceremonies that take place there.

Code of conduct

Yama 1# is not to hurt people with thought of words or physically

Yama 2# from refreying from lying by always speaking the truth

Yama 3# not to steal from others and to restrain your self from doing it

Yama 4#to practice for befor and after a marriage for a sucsessful family

Yama 5# to not argue with others and leave them by they're true nature

Yama 6# to not let your fear be fear and let it consume you in procrastination

Yama 7# to have compassion to others and have intense feelings toward others

Yama 8# to be honest and take honor of your actions and obey the laws

Yama 9#to only eat a vegetarian diet no meat,fish,she'll fish or fowl eggs

Yama 10# keep your body wholesome and keep it clean with ethnic and purity

The final resting place

Karma is the final resting place/ the sum of a person actions in this a previous states of existence viewed as deciding their fate in future existences.

The affect on Hindus lives

Practicing the religion affects the Hindus lives in many ways there are diets


The founder of Buddhism is Siddhartha Gautama

the holy book is Tripitaka Buddahism it is the oldest practice

religion today it started In lumbini Nepal Buddahism is all around the globe


Eight fold paths A guide for behavior 8ways to end ende suffering.Enlighment goal of Buddahism to achieve eternal salvater.Four noble truths siddhartha's ideas is filled with suffering because people have selfish desires. The desires can be over come by the following the eight fold path.Nirvana is the ultimate goal of releasing a person from selfishness and pain.


Meditation,prayers,chanting and vegetarian

Meditation is a practice of meditating.Prayers is a solem request for help and for thanks to a god or an object of worshipping.Chanting to chant another's name with power wisdom and strength.Vegitarian a diet consisting of no meat

Code of conduct

These are some laws

To undertake the training to avoid the life of beings this was for all living beings no only humans like animals too all beings and living beings have a right to ther lives.

To undertake the training to avoid taking things not given stealing should be avoided taking anything that does not belong too you.

To undertake the tranning of sensual misconduct sexual pleasure is not accept in any reason unless sexual nature.

To undertaking the tranning Reframe from false speech is to avoid lying to others

To undertake the training of not taking substance which cause intoxication and heedlessness no alcohol or substance that possibly could break the four precepts

To obtain from taking food at inapropprate times oly eating at noon one day until sunrise

To abstain from dancing, singing, music and entertainments as well as refraining from the use of perfumes, ornaments and other items used to adorn or beautify the person. Again, this and the next rule.

To undertake the training to abstain from using high or luxurious beds is regularly adopted by members of the Sangha are followed by the layperson on special occasions.

The final resting places

Nirvana Is neither suffering or desire with the subject is released from the effects of karma and the cycle of death than rebirth.

The affect

There are many affects on a budda life they cant eat ceratain stuff they have a no meat diet called a vegetarian they can't do any musical actions wear makeup have sexual pleasure.they also can't sleep on good beds Or eat When they want to


Moses is the founder of judaism, also they share the holy book known as the bible with Christianity and islamics the Jewish people call it the Torah.Moses is most famous for splitting the sea into two so he could get the slaves out of Egypt. It started Israel in the main city Jerusalem it spreader all around the globe.


Covenant agreement between God and the people.Exodus Moses moved the people out of Egypt.Monotheism the belief in one God.Moses led the people out of Egypt witch was the exodus.Palestine the holy lands.Torah the holy book filled with sacred writings.

Ten Commandments the laws given to Moses from God and then shared with all of the people Moses led out of Egypt


The mitzvot is the commandments there are 613 commandments,They are the basic traditions of a Jews life. they pray three times a day and it is morning,afternoon,evening

Code of conduct

Gezeriah is the fence around the Torah it means you must follow and obey the rules in the Torah and to respect the holy book and not to violate it.Takannah is made by rabbis To light candles on special holidays as a tradition

The final resting place

The final resting place of a Jewish life is heaven it is the same as the Christians

The affect

there are many affects on a Jews life some are kosher which is satisfying the kosher law which the food must be.


The founder of Confucianism is Confucius the holy book is it spreaded to different parts of the globe.


Daoism/taoism is to accept what comes and the true nature

Filial penalty to respect your elders or parents

Code of conduct

The final resting place

The final resting place is Taoism which they should be accepting what will happen which is the true nature, they shouldn't really be denying their fate they should accept it other wise.