Middle School LA & Religion

Room 322 - 5/1/15

Announcements and Reminders

Please keep the ICSJ 2nd graders in your prayers this weekend as they make their First Holy Communion on Saturday.

Keep up to date on your child's progress and performance by reviewing and signing your child's red folder each week.

Due to final preparations for the school musical, some of next week's after-school activities that regularly use the gym have been cancelled. Check with your child's coach/moderator, double check the school website, or email Mrs. Winking (ewinking@icsnorthpark.com).

We continue to celebrate the Easter season - remember to take time to attend Mass as a family.

Classroom Updates

Grade 6 LA

Book Clubs: Students wrapped up their reading and journal assignments this week. On Friday, the students watched various short documentaries on the topics of their book club texts. Next week we will do final check-ins/reviews before their respective book-end assessments on Thursday.

Writing Workshop: Students narrowed down their ideas for an argumentative five-paragraph essay by choosing a thesis, determining three supporting details/claims, and locating quotations and evidence from their texts. Some students are challenging themselves by researching additional information from outside sources!

Grammar: The sixth graders have "conquered" their GUM books. After spending a little time reviewing unit 5 topics in class, students took their quiz on Friday. Next week we will move to supplemental/extension activities, including diagramming sentences.

Word Study: This week's focus was on suffixes, such as -ment and -ious. They will have a quiz next Friday on the prefixes and suffixes studied over the past two weeks.

Genius Hour: Students engaged their classmates with presentations that showcased advances in technology (including 3-D printing!), a famous baseball player, and more!

Grade 7 Religion

The seventh graders have been exploring the various aspects of vocations in light of "famous" saintly models, storybook characters, and people they personally know. They have spent time considering various challenges as well as unique blessings that accompany each vocation.

On Thursday, students re-visited Mary's own vocational "yes"/"fiat" to God's will for her to be the Mother of God. And, on Friday, they reflected on the Bible passage from 1 Corinthians about there being many parts yet one body. How does this reflect the idea of vocation? You may want to ask your child about that...

Grade 8 Religion

Students spent this week looking at each of the four vocations more closely. Something similar they noticed between priests and religious sisters/brothers was how happy they looked. It was a beautiful realization how one's vocation truly leads to happiness in service of God! (We also spent time reviewing the vocation of marriage, and we compared it to the vocation to committed single life.)

Students watched various videos as part of class, and one was especially worthwhile and thought-provoking: "Heroic Priesthood." I highly encourage you to ask your child about it and to watch it yourself. As the students did in class, please pray for priests and seminarians, especially those right here in Chicago.

On Friday, students created their own "Doodle4Google" with vocation as their theme/subject. In addition, they wrote an explanation of how their designs showed the various vocations and what is truly at the heart of following your vocation.

Heroic Priesthood

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(photo = Jordan River/traditional site of Jesus' baptism, June 2014)