World War I

8th Grade Social Studies

You will be researching WWI. The following databases and websites will help you! If you need log in information, please ask one of us for the passwords.

Allied Powers

Central Powers


Spark of World War I

Weapons of World War I

FactCite - New Military Technologies Unleashed

Click though the pages listed at the bottom to read about different weapons of WW I.

Trench Warfare

Britannica Schools - Trench Warfare links

This link gives you the results of the search, "trench warfare." Click on any of the links to get the full articles in Britannica.

No Man's Land


Lenin/Bolsheviks/Russian Revolution

Neutrality and Isolationism of the United States

President Wilson's Changing Position on Entering WW I

U.S. Causes of World War I

U.S. Spark of WW I


Freedom of the Seas


Zimmermann Telegram

Life on the Homefront

Treaty of Versailles


President Wilson's Fourteen Points

League of Nations

Results of World War I

WWI Overview