Principal's Update

March 15th - March 19th

Newsletter Preview: Assembly Schedule, Hybrid, Spring Break, Girls Inc., Latino Family Night, etc.

Happy Week before Spring Break!

This week has been jammed pack with planning for Hybrid and welcoming our students back to the building. It was nice closing out the week with a moment to connect with female identifying students and staff for our Annual Girls’ Night Out. It was a much-needed moment of respite, as teachers took a moment to pause and enjoy hanging out with some really amazing girls. Students were reminded that they matter and that they are enough, while enjoying socializing with their peers. They filled their buckets up with words of affirmations, learned mindfulness strategies and went through a virtual Escape Room.

Many thanks to our organizers, Ms. Goodwin and Ms. Mittelstadt, as well as the teachers who came, facilitated and supported our event. Girls’ Night Out was absolutely empowering and a great way to begin closing out March, which is Women’ History Month.

Enjoy your week!

Robbie Davis

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Beverly Cleary launched her career as a children’s book author with 1950’s Henry Huggins. She soon followed up with more realistic and funny tales of growing up, including Beezus and Ramona (1955) and Henry and the Paper Route (1957). Her stories about Ramona Quimby, which included Ramona the Pest (1968) and Ramona and Her Mother (1979) were a particular favorite for many readers. Cleary’s later works include the memoirs, A Girl from Yamhill (1988) and My Own Two Feet (1995), and the children’s novel Ramona’s World (1999).


Looking Ahead

PE/Health and Counselor Specific Assembly

On Wednesday, BMS students will get to participate in a Counselor and PE/Health specific assembly. Please not that we will be on our Wednesday special assembly schedule. Remember that students need to join their 1st period class at 9:30a. They will then join the livestream, via their teachers' screen.


I know many of you are interested and eager to learn more details about what Hybrid will look like for your student. Please know as our district continues to work and plan for the reopening of our schools, we will share details with our families. In full transparency, there are still a lot of unknowns, but staff are working hard to make sure the transition is as seamless as possible for our students.

Here is what currently know:

1. Middle school families will have an opportunity to complete a Hybrid survey. I am told this survey will be introduced early next week. We encourage all families to complete the survey.

2. Students will be in cohorts. These cohorts will be predetermined by school administration.

3. The reopening of 6th-12th grade schools are projected with a date in mid-April.

4. For additional information, please check out the PPS Hybrid FAQs

Spring Break

This Spring Break falls during the week of, March 22nd – March 26th and all classes will be paused during this time. As we prepare to for students to be off for week, please remember that school staff will also be off. Considering, the planning that is going into Hybrid, I am asking all staff to be sure to take time to enjoy themselves and relax during Spring Break; thus, they will likely be offline.

Now is a great time to encourage your student to read the book that they have been wanting to dive into. Library books and textbooks can be picked up this Wednesday. Please connect with library staff to reserve books.

Girls Inc.

Girls, Inc. has an amazing STEM-focused program for girls/female-identifying students. It's a 5 year program, with entry at 8th grade. Check it out!

Junta para padres - Drogas y Alchol/Parent Meeting - Drugs and Alcohol La reunión de padres se llevará a cabo el

Miércoles 17 de marzo.

El tema será Drogas y Alcohol (la reunión será en español)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 882 7213 7306
Dial by your location
253 215 8782


The parent meeting will be held on

Wednesday March 17th.

The topic will be Drugs and Alcohol (the meeting will be in Spanish)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 882 7213 7306

Dial by your location

253 215 8782

Meeting ID: 882 7213 7306

Successful Schools Survey

Successful Schools Survey

It is time to make your voice heard once again. The portal for the Successful Schools Survey is open for families.This survey is very important because:

  • Only time we hear from students, staff, and families system-wide

  • Gathering these data will help us understand experiences at our schools

  • School climate is a key component influencing outcomes for students

  • We will be able to see improvements from last year to understand how our work in schools has changed perceptions

  • We will use results to identify areas for improvements

Following link to complete the survey:

The survey is available in Spanish, Russian, Somali, Vietnamese, and Chinese. If you cannot complete an online survey we are able to provide you with a paper copy. Call Beaumont Middle School at 503-916-5610, or email the School Climate Specialist at

Mindfulness at BMS

6 Week Mindfulness Series

The Beaumont Counseling Team is offering a 6 Week Mindfulness Series, hosted by Ria Goodwin, in order to introduce those interested to the concepts and practices of Mindfulness. Each week will cover a different mindfulness concept, starting with an Introduction to Mindfulness, with each following week having a specific focus: Breath Awareness, Body Awareness, Focus on Gratitude, Kindness Towards Self & Others, and Open Awareness. We will be learning and practicing on Wednesdays at 1:45, starting February 17th and ending March 31st, using Google Meet, with a meet code of Mindfulness. If you have any additional questions or would like more information please contact Ria Goodwin at

Math Help and Resources

Is your student having trouble completing their asynchronous math work? Are you having trouble helping them? Our Instructional Math Specialist, RaeAnn Suckow, has put together a website that might help. Here is a sampling of what you will find there:

  • Information on DreamBox

  • Information on Free Tutoring done by PPS high school students

  • Links to resources by grade level, course, and unit

  • Information about Multnomah County Library live homework help

  • Visual Math Dictionaries and other tools

You can find the website here.

If you have any questions about the website, DreamBox, or other math related topics please contact RaeAnn Suckow at


2021- 2022 Forecasting

Thank you for your patience. As mentioned last week, our BMS forecasting survey is live today.

Please click on the links to complete the BMS Google Forecasting form. See below for information about the forecasting process:

  1. Forecasting forms are due March 19, 2021.
  2. Families should complete the forms together with their children.
  3. Please carefully read through the forms, as there will be one submission per student. In the event that you made and mistake and accidentally submitted your form, you will need to email Ms. Davis at
  4. Please remember that schedule change requests will not be accepted once the school year begins (unless under unique circumstances).
  5. Please know we try to meet the requests of students; however, there are no guarantees that students will be scheduled for every class in which they forecast for.

Below is a list of documents to support the 2021-2022 forecasting process

New Affinity Group Starting: Writing Group

Writing Club starting this week!

Calling all aspiring writers, creators, thinkers and story tellers to the inaugural Beaumont Writing Club. This will be a space for BMS students in 6th, 7th or 8th grade to come and discuss, collaborate, analyze, play around with and create stories of any kind.

Do you like novels? Sweet. We’ll write those here. Do you prefer comic books or graphic novels? That’s cool. We’ll have space for creating those forms as well. Really more of a song writer? I love it. We’ll be able to explore song and it’s rich history of being poems with an added beat or two. More into sketch comedy or funny YouTube videos? Amazing, so am I, and we can dive deep into the word of comedic writing. But what about my screenplay, guy? Relax, we got you. Consider this club your Starbucks on the corner of Sunset and Hollywood Blvd at 2 o’clock on a Wednesday. If nothing else, come by so I can explain that last annoyingly LA-centric joke.

So bring a pen (not really, but it sounds better than chromebook) and join us every Thursday during lunch. We’ll think, we’ll write, we’ll talk about thinking, we’ll talk about writing, we’ll write about talking (that’s dialogue people), we’ll write about thinking… you get the idea.

The best part is that you all get to generate the material. This is about y’all and your writing, so whatever you’re looking to do, I am here to support!


Beaumont Writing Club with Mr. Stoudt

Thursdays 12:20 - 12:55 PM

Meet ID: BMSWritingClub

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