Northern Beaches YLTW Update

OzGREEN's YOUthLEADing the World Congress Sept 2-4 2014

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News: 3 Weeks to go! No meeting this Monday, Run through of Congress Aug 25th and Inspiring initiatives!

Hi Everybody,

We had a great meeting on Monday with Ann-Charlott, David and I. Wishing Billy and Maya a speedy recovery! Hope you feel better soon :)

In this update you will find news on our Meeting dates - there's no need for one this Monday, so our next meeting will be August 25th at 4.15pm at the Coastal Environment Centre in Narrabeen. We'll do a run through of the Congress and double check our technology is working fine.

Also, check out a great initiative by famous designer Milton Glaser! The man behind the "i heart...." logo that you see everywhere! He has now used his skills for wide-scale environmental awareness. In addition, check out an inspiring program happening in Cape Town - a community facing great challenges.

I hope everyone had a good week so far. I can't believe it's just 3 weeks now till the Congress! So exciting!

Thanks for all you do, looking forward to another great program



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Facilitator Meetings

Our Next Meeting

Monday, Aug. 25th, 4:15pm

Coastal Environment Centre, Narrabeen

RSVP by email to or by text on 04507 02576

An essential meeting - we'll be doing a run through of the Congress

Next Meeting is August 25th at the CEC for a run through - Monday's Meeting cancelled -

Please update your dairy with the following dates


- CANCELLED: Monday 18th August, 4pm at Warringah Mall Library

- NEXT MEETING: Monday 25th August, 4.15pm for program run-through at our venue, the Coastal Environment Centre in Narrabeen.

Ann-Charlott is able to pick you up from school if you'd like.

Please put the 25th in your diary, and flick me a quick email with your RSVP.

Inspiration Corner - Change that is at the grassroots and on billboards

Daniel and Mirra of The Perennial Plate, take us to Cape Town, one of the most beautiful cities in the world—a stunning coast line, perfect weather, great restaurants. But take a drive just outside the pristine vacation spot and you will see millions of people living in illegal settlements (Townships). The poverty is harsh and so is the crime and disease.

This short film profiles two amazing women living outside of Cape Town whose lives have greatly improved as a result of learning to garden. For more information visit:

20 Minutes from Cape Town
Also, design heavyweight Milton Glaser (who is most famous for his iconic I heart NY logo) is lending his talents to an issue of global importance: climate change. In a project called: “It’s Not Warming, It’s Dying”

Read more in the article by GOODis

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Thank you for reading and see you next Monday Aug 25th, 4.15pm at the CEC in Narrabeen. Have a great weekend!