My Role Model

By Acxel Pineda

My Role Model....

This was a very difficult choice. There are a lot of excellent people. But, I could choose only one... so I thought... I love music, and honestly, who doesn't? But I don't mean, I listen to it in the car all the time. No, I mean I am full on making it. So of course, my role model would be a musician. But this person isn't just any ordinary musician. He has made some well known music. Well, there are plenty of well known music composers. How about movies and TV? There is John Williams (Star Wars, Indiana Jones, etc.), Hans Zimmer (Pirates of the Caribbean), and Murray Gold (Doctor Who) There is also professional performers like Yo-Yo Ma who is, like, the best cellist. I could not decide, so I went with one of the most successful person in their field, Ludwig van Beethoven.

Ludwig van Beethoven

Ludwig van Beethoven was born in 1770 in Bonn, Germany. He was seen as a great musician since he was about 17 years old. His potential was recognized by many great musicians from the time, but he was deemed unteachable in music because of the fact that he was developing a new idea of music. He eventually became a widely respected composer and pianist. But unfortunately in 1801 he was becoming deaf. Eventually, he died in 1827.


Beethoven had many, MANY, achievements. Some of which include being thought highly of by various well known musicians, like Mozart, Antonio Salieri, and Franz Joseph Hayden. He also ushered in a new era in musical history with his Third Symphony. (Eroica) He made a TON of great song, started string quartets (Cello, viola, violin, bass), started piano concertos, an opera, and he made a bunch of sonatas, like, for cellos.

Ludwig's Contribution

Without Beethoven, we might not have the same type of music now due to how it was him who ushered in a whole new era in musical history. So basically, it might have a Butterfly Effect, not a huge one, but there would be one. Since his era got a new style of music, others might not have picked up on it, (possibly) cancelling out future musician's careers, which would then alter a bit the type of music we listen to. Like I said, it would not be that huge of a difference, and it is also my personal thought.

Why he is (one of) my personal role models.

Beethoven has had to overcome, like, a gazillion obstacles. He had to overcome making music while he was deaf, (and he did, listen to Ode to Joy) he had to care for his nephew Karl, and that really stressed him. He also had rage fits all the time and social issues due to them. But he overcame all of that to make wonderful music.

And he also worked with cellos.

Fun Facts

Some little facts about Beethoven include...

  • He looked up to Napoleon, for he was viewed as "the Spirit of the French Revolution"... however, his idealism did change when Napoleon claimed himself as emperor.
  • When Hayden told Beethoven that he would teach him more about music, Hayden did not respond kindly to Beethoven's new ideas for music for he had new ideas that offended the old master's teachings.
  • Ever since Beethoven was a child his father wanted for others to see that he was a musical prodigy, so he was very strict with Beethoven about music. Unfortunately, other people did not see him as a prodigy.
  • It is said that on the dark and stormy night of Beethoven's death, he shook his fist to the heavens above.
  • Beethoven did write songs in three different musical time periods, which include the one that he started.


So the overall reason why Ludwig van Beethoven is one of my top role models is because his final years gave a HUGE message that helped me through my biggest personal problem, which would be that anyone can do anything if you put your mind to it. I got this because even though he was deaf he still wrote wonderful music. (Ode to Joy)


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