Mykonos, Greece

Flight Tracking by Becca Tarter


A study found that the best time to buy a flight is 54 days before your trip. The worst time to book your flight is last minute. Flights usually are open "to book" with 331 days in advance but they stay steady for the first four months. From 104 to 54 days away from the flight, prices tend to drop significantly. After 54 days the prices start to rise again until the departure date.

During the low peak season, when travelling is not as busy, prices are lower. For example, North America defines low peak to Caribbean, Mexico or South America as September 1-30. For flights to Europe, the low season is mid January to the end of February. Weather also affects the price and demand of flights. During hurricane season in the Caribbean, flights are significantly cheaper. Flying at a time when weather could affect your travelling could potentially cost more money then you plan to spend on your trip, and may not be the best choice.

Relatively before and after holidays, flight prices increase. However, the days immediately before the holiday or after the holiday tend to decrease because people who travel do not want to be travelling during the holiday.

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The flight prices to Mykonos, Greece were the lowest in the middle of September. This makes sense because it is when school and work begins and people aren't usually planning trips during that time. During most of October, however, the flight price increased to a crazy price. The price basically doubled. The price remained constant in November and beginning of December. The prices did not show any significant price differences between the days of the week.

In conclusion, the best time to book a flight to Mykonos, Greece is the middle of September (18th-21st). The worst time to book your flight is October 3rd through the 22nd.

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