Computer Craze

Computer Craze Camp is Starting Next Week at Barstow Summer Academy

Hello, Parents and Guardians!

Next week your student will be attending the Computer Craze class at Barstow Summer Academy. I am very excited to meet your student and get started with some very fun activities! In order to participate in these activities, your student will need to sign up for a Google account and a Wordpress account.No need to worry! We will set up their Google account and Wordpress account so they cannot be contacted by anyone outside of our safe classroom environment. Once the week is over, if you wish, we can delete their account.

Please e-mail me at granting permission so that your student can participate in this awesome opportunity. You may also contact me if you have absolutely any questions or concerns.

Barstow Summer Academy

Monday, June 6th, 9am

11511 State Line Road

Kansas City, MO

Teachers will be waiting outside to meet your students on the first day of camp. Look for us in our purple shirts.

Weekly Agenda

Day 1: Google Set up and Wordpress Set Up

  • Students will spend the morning creating our Google and Wordpress account. Then we will brainstorm ideas and activities of things your student wants to learn this week
Day 2: Google Documents and Google Slides

  • Students will play Kahoot!
  • Students will use google documents and google slides to create a paper and a presentation to upload to their Wordpress site.

Day 3: Prezi Presentation and Powtoon

  • Students will create a Powtoon or Prezi Presentation to upload to their Wordpress account.

Day 4: Smore or Glogster or New Hive

  • Students will create a Smore, Glogster, or New Hive Presentation to upload to their Wordpress account.

Day 5: Website Showcase

  • Students will showcase all of their hard work to the class!