Homeless Then and Now


Have you ever wondered about how homeless people were back in the day compared to the homeless people today. Well let me tell you about it.

Few social problems have increased so suddenly there has been dramatized so effectively as the plight of the homeless in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. Once an invisible person who could easily be ignored, the homeless are now recognized everywhere on the streets and in the public facilities of major cities. There are bag ladies who roam the streets carrying what is left of their possessions in shopping for bag grocery carts. There are disoriented men curled up on benches, in stairwells, or alongside walls. There are children—some runaways and some throwaways—scrounging for food and shelter.

Today some people have got kicked out their house because of making bad chooses. These people today are sitting on a corner asking for money when they ask for people don't pay any mind to homeless people.

One reason for statistical uncertainty is the composition of the homeless population. Some families suffer temporary poverty because of loss of a job. Unable to afford rent or mortgage payments, they may temporarily join the ranks of the homeless for a period of days or weeks. Once another job is found, the family can usually afford shelter once more.

People out there that stop making bad choices do what you are supposed to do go to work and do your job. Teens out there go to school make the right choices.