Week of Oct. 22nd...

LA Staff News


~Have you and your advisory taken the Clarity survey? Info below.


Conferences: 3:00-7:00 (teachers in south) Snacks provided by Peggy and Co.

Tuesday: 12:30: MN Suspension Hearing

Conferences: 3:00-7:00 (teachers in south) . Dinner provided by Chic-Fil-A


Thursday: Early Release/Teacher PD

3:30-5:30 Dr. Tucker's Celebration in the LHS Commons for Superintendent of the Year

Friday: No School

Upcoming dates to note:

Clarity BrightBytes Survey

District survey opens Monday and stays open for two weeks. We must reach statistical significance.

1. Please take the survey yourself (all staff): http://www.BByt.es/K72DT

2. Teachers: Determine when you will administer the student survey. Here is the link for the students: http://www.BByt.es/K72DU

3: Parents: I will take care of getting parents to take the survey.

Thank you for knocking this out this week!

Staffing Update

Security replacement will be Justin Fetters. He will start on 11/5. We will hopefully have subs in the interim.

Central office has also approved another position for LA. This is a safety officer (formerly known as hall monitor) and it is currently posted (encourage anyone who would be a good fit to apply). This person will be out and about every day. Ideally, with the right person they can step in and be the sub when someone is out (like Jackie last year).

Additionally, I have been tasked with coming up with a plan to adequately staff LA. I will study neighboring alternative schools; however, as you think of what is needed at LA feel free to share ideas with me.

Small Mall is Coming

Small Mall Collection Idea #2:

Head to the largest storage space in your house.

Be safe: find a walkway or get your footing.

Look around for that area where you stuffed things-you-didn't-know-what-to-do-with.

Oh, your spouse is super organized? Awesome, find that REGIFT tub of gloriousness.

Put it in your backseat.

Send Sam out to grab the tub.

Bring Norris the tub.

Sam will return the tub to your car.

Problem solved.

Good deed done.

You guys, there are no Vegas odds that could possibly predict what is HOT and what is NOT at the Small Mall!!

(Almost) Anything goes!!

Declutter those gifts you've had for a year or a decade and have yet to use!

An electronic flyer is below. Please help us out by sharing!