Not to Eat After Smoking Cannabis

What Not to Eat When You are Having a Bad Trip from Smoking Cannabis

Most foods that we usually eat have their own chemical constituents which either combine with the enzymes of our body or the chemicals of other foods which we eat. Not many among us could specifically figure out the different chemical constitution of the food we eat, unless of course, we are strictly trained in the chemical properties of food. But many among us are inadvertently combining different food with marijuana as part of our highly explorative personalities. However, it would be good to have some inkling into some of the food which should not be taken specifically when one is having a bad trip after taking cannabis.

What are some feelings one experiences During a Bad Trip?

People who have undergone a bad trip from smoking cannabis reported that they feel a sense of paranoia during the experience. Some of them said they feel confused, anxious as if they would be stuck forever in their tripping. Some however feel hallucination and others feel claustrophobic. Moreover, others feel completely lost and nauseous. Moreover, there is always that feeling of depersonalization and de-realization associated with bad trip after using cannabis. Bad trip happens when instead of experiencing the pleasurable effects of the cannabis, you begin to feel the horrible, nasty effects of it.

What to Do During a Bout of Bad Trip

During your bout of bad trip from smoking cannabis, do not aggravate your condition by drinking alcohol. Alcohol definitely reacts with THC and has some serious effects if taken during bad trip bout. Moreover, you should not take medicine which interacts with THC. There are hundreds of drugs which interact with THC and some of them are aspirin, caffeine, and many more. Thus, during bad trip bouts, you should avoid aggravating your condition by taking in other drugs. You should not also drink coffee which contains caffeine, a stimulant which can further aggravate your bad trip experience. Moreover, you should not take other foods which are stimulants such as ginseng, guarana, gotu kola, coconut oil, taurine, ginkgo, and many more.

The best thing you can do if you are having a bad trip is you should listen to familiar music, go outside and find a quiet place, find a friend, relax and concentrate on your breathing, and think that your experience will soon come to pass after the effect of the cannabis has subsided.

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