The Black Death

by: Logan Clevenger

The black death killed many

The black death was a plague that killed millions. it killed from 19 to 38 million in that whole area. That meant that about 1 in 2 people died. there was so many people die that they had to pay higher wages to serfs. it came in about 1347 when 12 Genoese brought it in. The black death was carried by rats. it moved from rats to fleas to people. when carrieing the plague across water allmost all the sailors died on the ship. Not many survived.

More information about the black death

The black deaths peak of killing was in Europe from 1346-1353. People tried to get away from it but they just helped spread it. War helped spread it spread because they catapulted died bodies over the wall to give them the plague. Lots of the people thought that God was punishing them for something they had done. The doctors had a mask that looked like a birds beak. That was to protect them from getting the plague