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Its that time of year...

Thank you and congratulations for volunteering to be a Team Parent for your child’s team.

Are you a first year Team Parent wondering, “What in the world do I do now?” or “Why did I ever let them talk me into being a Team Parent?”

Perhaps you’re a seasoned veteran just wanting to help your team be organized and coordinated throughout the season. Whatever the case, the following pages are designed to help you be efficient and organized as the Team Parent.

Playing football is EXCITING and being a Team Parent is rewarding and gratifying. You are putting in a lot of time, probably more than you expected, and it should be an enjoyable experience.

The duties of coordinating team functions, activities and obligations are performed to ensure a successful season and a positive team environment for the kids to development and grow.


The primary attribute to your success as a Team Parent is effective communication. There are many forms of communication and every person is different. Please be respectful to the wide range of diverse cultures and backgrounds of our players and families. Treat everyone in a fair and equitable manner.

At the beginning of the season, ask each parent to verify their information on the registration form, especially the home number. Also, collect cell phone numbers and home or work e-mail addresses to effectively broadcast team messages and announcements. Ask every parent which is the best form of medium to get in contact with them. Your the heart of information distribution of Los Toros news.

Common Responsibilities

Each team is different but here is a list of the duties most often required of the team parent.

  • Collecting money from parents and players and forms for pictures.
  • Collecting money from parents and players and forms for a fundraiser.
  • Collecting money from parents and players and buying gifts for the coaches at the end of the season.
  • Decide where and what type of team party the team will have after the season. With or without with trophies
  • Copying and distributing practice and game schedules.
  • Ensure drinks and snack is provided at half time for each game (home and away)
  • Encourage team spirit (wear red and black to games)
  • Schedule team parents/family members to work home field/ concession on their scheduled day.
  • Remind parents to pick up trash after each practice and game and deposit in appropriate trash receptacle.

Know your Team

Some teams are low maintenance. As long as you make sure snack and drink are at every game, you'll be a hero! At the beginning of the season, be clear with each family a snack schedule per game and let them know it's not alright to forget to supply the treats the kids rely on. Engage parents and make it clear that their children are counting on them to support their team efforts. The more invested other parents are, the more likely they are to come through for the children.

Know Your Parents

Introduce yourself to all the parents/guardians of your players and provide your contact information too (e.g., email, phone numbers, etc...). Is there a parent that never checks there email? If so, be sure to place a reminder call / text the day before they have a commitment to the team or if the information is considered a high priority. Also let parents know about our website and that we also have Facebook page - current information about Los Toros events, schedules, etc... are posted on our website.

Our website address is www.lostorosbulls.com

Know Your Coaches

Some coaches look to the Team Parent for constant support during games, practices, and parties. They rely on them to organize fundraisers, assist with handing out snacks during half time, and coordinating snack bar schedules. Other coaches simply want snacks to be provided. When you're on the same page as the coach, you're on the same page with everyone.

Christie Kerslake

2014 Team Parent Coordinator

Los Toros Football & Cheer