"Forest on Fire"

Unit 5, Week 3

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Compare and Contrast Rainstorms and Wildfires

Both can destroy animal habitats. Both can be destructive and productive. "However unlike rainstorms wildfires are almost always destructive."

Benefits on WIldfires

A pine cone need fire to cause its cones to open, so the seeds can scatter. It gets rid of dead vegetation. "These variations in plant life provide food and habitats for different kinds of insects, birds, and mammals. Woodpeckers eat insects in burned-out trees."

Human Prevention

We can stop throwing cigarettes on the ground or it will start a fire. An not have bonfires really close to trees so it won't light on fire. When theirs droughts we need to be cautious about fire will start easily. When you bonfire you need to put it before you go to sleep.

Expository Text

This is informational because it has pictures, captions, and facts.