Never Trust in a Strenger


The second world war was finished, but the damage they had caused the Germans during the occupation and especially during his retreat After Losing The Battle of Normandy Left the French people in abject misery. With many of their crops burned and livestock Almost sin, corner had become a privilege that only a few could aspire.

In the midst of this chaos and the access this piece of meat or egg was almost impossible and only in the Black Market can get Fresh Food That mouthing. Course for Their inflated prices in were controlled by a group of unscrupulous people who were able to see people deading to increase his fortune.

Monique, had been forced into prostitution in order to have something to put in their mouth. Monique distressed BY hunger, which for the first time began one Suffering Since the conflict began, ran Market looking for someone to "convince" To give him a piece of fruit or bread UN stub. Some meat was unthinkable because the only since even the UNOS had dispatched prohibitive prices and Its distributors seemed immune to his charms. As I looked in the mouth made of water as piece of meat FOR A gentleman who had offered as payment a watch of gold old man feell Nearly a cakes.

The crowd of people thronged That Put together the meat had pushed the old man, who was Received A strong blow to the hip and seemed Getting Power. Tal Vez morale Monique Out The Most Suitable without sin But definitely the girl had a big heart and a spring As crouched help the Lord to help you Get up.

The old man asked him STILL sore That will help you get out of there andn Stairs That was Close to sit while un.

- Thanks for your help girl, you was a Hunger People Forget to respect for their majors.

- This is a real chaos - Monique said - should not APPROACH That damn Since meat, personalities become like animals WHEN starting bids.

- But Otherwise I would have approached me Now THIS would not -. Showing UN said the old package with approximately a Kilo of meat

Dishes Monique's eyes widened as he had not Seen the flesh So Close in weeks

- What's your name girl? - Said Mr. That outlining a smirk WHILE Monique His eyes were fixed on the food.

- Monique - sin SAID take his eyes of the flesh.

- Let's try UN Monique - SAID Old Girl Who Knew That had piqued his anzuelo- A Change the old man had asked Bring the meat to their children.

Monique That could not leave his astonishment By so gracious offer Only one nod WHILE I looked at the old man.

- The same day I take for you to deliver this letter one My son Matthias - Said the old removing Relevance -. If not, it will not Believe That You've Promised UN Piece of Meat BY favor. The girl continued Towards the Marked Address WHILE felt something evil intentions on This old

Never trust in strangers

Once was to come to the Directorate something stopped her as if his instinct told him That's intentions ESE no good old were a thing that occurred to him that it would be better Spending A coin of little value in A YOUNG That would serve as messenger.

The boy came near to the dark and desolate alley until a dirty old wooden door Where I knocked on the door and a man of evil fascists treated him.

- Are You Matías? -. Chico said his father Send this card and this package of meat

The man made him wait, he opened the door with the Intent to receive the package. But paragraph surprise Monique, which watched EVERYTHING from La Distancia not grab the meat package, otherwise Que Subject Strongly doll boy and the flip UN got inside the house closing the door with force began to hear screams That they were silenced in a few seconds ...

The deafening noise of the square had silenced the child. But Monique had witnessed a whole, So That Screaming couple went to the UN Military Who Knew That always watched that everything was in order when the market opened.

- Please help, was kidnap a child! - Monique said WHILE pulling the arm of one of the soldiers guiding Towards the Place.

In Less than One Minute The military were knocking on the door of the place where he had disappeared from El Niño. A loud commotion was heard inside the building for Men shouted and banged the door from the inside, looked like they were putting objects in the door. Duty to Avoid Scammers That opening kicks soldiers. Suddenly and Seconds later, For One Windows That was noise on the roof A man appeared quickly jump to the Near building and out of sight of Monique, who warned Screaming That one's Military above were escaping. A second man came out and warned By Monique Soldiers fired Al Another man mortally wounding him.

After a couple of minutes, The Army made sure that no one else went out the window and returned to the door, which started beating strongly Over Until You got open Enough to divert furniture with The criminals had Formed A That temporary barricade prevented Access the building.

De When they got going they were shocked, one of them had to leave inmediatly for vomiting, him stomach Couldt bear to witness tanning macabre spectacle.

In an chain was the boy hook hanging upside down with her throat slashed throat, UN Under cube All blood collected. A few meters Had A table That seemed used to Separate the meat from the bone and where human remains could be seen as empanadas, hands and head. Next to the UNOS bloody knives had several piles of meat and List That was Being to be packaged. Monique, oblivious to human slaughter they had seen came near The Military man killed by gunfire, looking at him Closer recognized him as one of the man Who dispatched meat on the market. But what most attention was from the place of one of his pockets sticking Envelope given him by the elderly. The woman reached down and picked decided After opening, inside the writing Found follows:

"This is the last day that ye SHIPPING, the solds in Madrid are Better Than Ever"

Of COURSE WHEN soldiers were the meat Since there was no one there, surely the man had managed to warn fled.