Ryan Peot's

Transcendental Journey

Why a Journey?

Chris McCandless set out on a vast journey across the United States in order to find his inner self. His transcendental journey has encouraged me to go out on my own journey, a journey to find out the true meaning of living and what is like to live off natural resources. On my trip to the western part of the United States (Idaho, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming) I hope to find my true self. By obtaining food and doing everything with little help from modern technologies. I plan on going with only one other person, this person would be my father because he has always wanted to take on an experience and challenge like the one in front of us. Plus his knowledge of the outdoors will help substantially in survival.


Day 1:

-Use car to drive to the Badlands.

-Visit Badlands, see everything there is to see.

-Once done at Badlands, camp in pop up tent for the night.

Day 2:

-Get up early

-Use car to drive to Yellow Stone

-Visit during the day

-Sleep at campsite like in Badlands

Day 3:

-Same as the last days except go to Pompeys pillar

Day 4:

-Same as the rest, except at the City of Rocks.

-Drive back Home

Badlands National Park

Badlands National Park is one of the most gorgeous places on earth. It is located in the state of South Dakota and is one of the key places to visit in the midwest. The Badlands are a mixed grass ecosystem that is like no other on the face of the planet. The Badlands were made into a National Monument in 1939 and then later made into a National park in 1978. Going to the Badlands with my father would be an experience of a lifetime because he is very fascinated by the Badlands and really would like to visit this place. In the Badlands I hope just go and take in everything that the place has to offer. It is a reminder of how beautiful our world is and how we do not need electronics in order to see beauty.

More info and Tourist Info: http://www.allblackhills.com/badlands_national_park/

Yellowstone National Park

Our next stop was Yellowstone National Park. Yellowstone is know for the geysers it holds upon its grounds. Yellowstone National Park once was under complete ashes thousands of years ago because the geysers exploded and covered a lot of the United States in Ash. This is very intriguing to my father and I because these geysers are national phenomena and are very unique in the world. This reminds the world how dangerous nature can be and can almost be a reminder for the dangerousness of earth. We wish that our journey could someday take us here because we wish to see the true beauty and dangerousness of the earth.

More history: http://travel.nationalgeographic.com/travel/national-parks/yellowstone-national-park/

Official Website: http://yellowstone.net/

Pompeys Pillar National Memorial

Just like my Dad and I we set out on a journey maybe not as intense and extreme as Lewis and Clarks but is almost the sam. Lewis and Clark discovered the pillar and it is now a National Memorial in Montana. This memorial is a natural giant, it is a huge and beautiful rock that rises above the soil. My father and I really would enjoy this natural monument because it is another representation earths beauty. Also, we like to think that, Lewis and Clark who also set out on their own journey, just like we want to do, found this great monument and found something extraordinary to the earth.

More info: http://www.pompeyspillar.org/

The City of Rocks National Reserve

The City of Rocks was a marker for people that were moving westward in order to find a new life. This is lie what my Dad and I are trying to do. We are trying to find a new meaning to look at the world and try to find our inner selves by hunting and camping off the land and trying to keep technology to a minimum while visting the City of Rocks. Hoping we do make progress with our goals, we have chosen the City of Rocks as our final destination because it is a gateway to a new life or as it used to be to the west. We hope that it will bring about a new attitude towards life and how we look at things differently.

More Info: http://www.nps.gov/ciro/historyculture/index.htm

What did we learn?

All great things come to end. Chris McCandless experienced that while he was laying in his death bed. Hopefully for my father and I, we are not in the condition Chris was in. We hope to have learned and experienced as much as him, but maybe with a better outcome. We hope to have learned how the world is a very dangerous place and how we need to respect it. Also we hope to have learned how nothing comes easy, not to take anything for granted and we hope to find our inner selves This journey should bring us closer as father and son, but I personally hope my father takes in this whole journey to heart and is very greatful for everything for the rest of his life.