12 Days of Stella!

This is my favorite time of year....

Welcome to the 12 Days of Stella!

For the next 3 days, look for an email with a daily challenge! Complete the challenge and enter to win on our Facebook wall. There will be one winner per day! Ready, Set, Go!

Day Eight Winner!

Tammy Haynes is the winner of the propsecting challenge from yesterday! She writes to her potential stylist: "When you joined us in the office as a new agent, I couldn't help but notice your style and love of jewelry. I am so glad I shared Stella and Dot with you and greatly appreciate you placing an order at my trunk show. You mentioned about placing another order as soon as you can fit it in your budget. Well I have the best news! You can create an income and earn free jewelry all at the same time! You have all the qualities of being a Stella and Dot Stylist..you love the Stella and Dot jewelry, you are great in sharing what you love, and like me, you have no problem talking to people. Let's do lunch next Wednesday and I will introduce you to some other women, just like me and you, who have been very successful as Stella and Dot Stylist. We can do this. Lunch, Wednesday at 12:00!! Thanks...Tammy"

Awesome email! Tammy wins the new Planner from S&D that just came out! Congrats!

Day Nine Challenge:

Today's Challenge is to book a trunk show for January!

Right now we need to be booking out our January! We dont want to be stuck after a great December with nothing on our trunk show schedule!

Why do customers want to host in January?

1. Kids back in school, House is back together.

2. Weather is yucky

3. Tired of all that wonderful family time!

4. By the end of January, they want a break and are looking for an excuse to get out!

Need help? Join the Home Office booking blitz, today!

Wednesday, December 12th:

Call Information:
Dial In: 800-747-5150 Access Code: 0189949#

Book a January Trunk show, then post a ♥ on our Facebook wall. (do this by typing <3)

Please post the date and your efforts and results.

There will be 1 draw per day! 24 hours to complete.

Tips from the TOP!

Here are the notes from an incredible stylist and Platinum Director, Tysh Mefford:

1-(For Dec.)Strategically go after bookings on those dates where your personal holiday schedule is open.
2- Book shows while traveling over the holidays (more of a get-out-of-the-house theme).
3- People buy more for themselves than gifts.

4- Get in the booking mindset for Jan - no one except S & D folks knows when the Spring line is introduced.
5- Set goals to: pay for Spring samples with January shows; and try to hit PCV goals by mid-month.
6 -The holiday time will be exactly what you expect it to be. Business doesn't stop just because it's the holiday season & if you're positive about what you can do & have the right attitude, positive things will happen!
7-Do "repeats" & reach out to past hostessess which you connected with this time last year.
8- Don't wait until the Spring line launches to book trunk shows after the New Year. 5 weeks between Christmas time & New Years is a long time & several trunk shows can happen in that time period. Just keep going & don't miss a step!
9- Remind your hostesses that a trunk show doesn't need to be stressful even though the Holiday's may be stressful. Your house is already decorated & why not invite friends over to enjoy the spirit of the season. It only has to be a handful of girlfriends to have a good time & keep it light & simple!

10- Use the great materials that the home office provides & mail them & carry them in your purse to hand out. Don't wait until January to book. Keep things fun, easy, & simple!