Texas Oil Project

By: Kylee, Zeze, Zach

Effect of oil on Texas, U.S., and the world:

There were many effects oil had on Texas, the U.S., and the world. Texas had economic effects such as the price of land sky rocketing and boomtowns. Not only were boomtowns an economic effect but also a social effect along with people migrating, more people moved around the railroads to drill in other places. People from the U.S. and the other side of the world came to get oil, which resulted in boomtowns. (the rapid economic and population growth of a town)
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Hope and Railroads:

Railroads formed in the most rural places of Texas to transport oil and then settlements appeared around the railroad. They all tested there luck and drilled for oil, few found a lot of oil, others went bankrupt railroads the sure thing to success.

History of Spindle-top

The definition of Spindle-top is a salt dome field located in the southern part of the Beaumont TX. On January 10th a geyser of oil opened up for 10 days strait and released 100,000 oil barrels a day and this was just the start of the oil industry. Spindle-top was the starting motivation for many oil company's such as Gulf, Texaco, Exxon.
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Additional Information:

Chirstnas Tree was created to help control the outflow of oil

The town (Beaumont) of 10,000 people tripled in three months and eventually reached 50,000 people. Beaumont was known as a boomtown.