Mr. Mason Believes

Who Is Mr. Mason?

Mr. Mason is the assistant principle at Jubilee and is a catholic. He is also 55yrs old and has 4 children and 2 grandchildren.

The Language of The Creeds

They are statements of believe about my faith I will try and live up to them. I try do it everywhere, otherwise they are kind of a believe statement.

Timeless Words to Live By

Why they have lasted because they are believe statements. Believe statements are timeless. A belief is something to hold on to and to go back to in challenging times.

Common basis

The creeds are written to provide a common basis and a common thread. Motto, Mission statement, and Team songs are thing that bring people together and so does a belief. People who believe the same thing they have something in common.Everyone needs something to believe in. Everyone has a nature to want a belief. Creeds are not super complicated and just give someone something to believe. They give a sense of purpose and direction in times of a challenge, it is something to look to for help.

What do the creeds mean to me?

To me the creeds mean that it is something that as a christian I believe and should believe or do. The creeds are something that tie people together, they give people something in common, and the give someone who has no belief something to believe. The creeds are something to look to in tough times to try and make the right decision.