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Matt Burke

Killer Whales

Here at the Raymond zoo we have decided to expand our variety of mammals, so we are purchasing a killer whale. This page will provide you with information about these members of the dolphin family, while we wait for our whale to arrive at the Raymond Zoo.

Full Classification




Killer Whales are black with a white stomach, and round body. Males weigh about 10 tonnes, and females weigh about 8 tonnes. They can reach lengths up to 32 feet.

Feeding Pattern

They prey on over 140 species of animals, and over 50 species of marine mammals.


Killer Whales live in every ocean.


With echolocation, and a very fast brain and nervous system, they are able to hear very well underwater.Their fat lobes in the lower jaw is an adaptation for helping sound reach the ears. The ear bones are connected by ligaments allowing separation and improving directional capacity. Studies show that killer whales have a good sense of touch, which is most sensitive around the blowhole and mouth. They show preferences in types of fish that they eat, but little is known about how much they can actually taste. Killer whales have no sense of smell. They have well developed eyesight, with a spherical lens.

Close Relatives

Killer whales are not actually whales. They are considered dolphins, and are the largest member of the dolphin family. They are also related to pygmy whales.

Threats to Organism

Orcas are one of the most contaminated marine mammal in the world. They are threatened by pollution and chemical contamination.


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