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News and Notes from Fiske School | August 2017

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Welcome to the home of the Fiske monthly news! We feature great news and updates by grade level and specialist teachers to help keep you informed about what our students are learning. Enjoy your reading!

Principal's Message

Happy Summer Fiske Families!

I am excited to be preparing for our upcoming school year and thankful for the opportunity that Fiske Staff will have to work with your children again! It is always wonderful to start the new school year by making new friends and having new experiences.

We've been very busy this summer at Fiske! As you may know, Fiske is the district wide site for LPS Summer Services. This provides great consistency for students that attend from Fiske and it also gives us the chance to support students from across Lexington. The custodians do an INCREDIBLE job of getting the building ready for school, even with all of our summer visitors. It is truly remarkable.

Our summer mailing will be going out this Friday and you may start receiving them over the weekend or early next week! Included in the mailing are the following items:

  • Welcome back letter
  • Directions for updating contact information such as address, home phone, parent cell phones, doctor names, etc.
  • Fiske Insider's Guide Sign Off
  • Fiske Volunteer Guide and Acknowledgement Form
  • A link for Dismissal Information
  • PTO Welcome Letter
  • Teacher Welcome Letters

On August 14th, if you have not received your summer mailing, you should be able to log into Aspen to see who your child/ren(s) teacher is.

We are welcoming several new teaching staff to Fiske this coming year. They are:

  • Brooke Springfield, Grade Five Teacher
  • Jesse Sullivan, ILP Teacher
  • Carlyn Burdick, Occupational Therapist
  • Kate Jones, Literacy Specialist
  • Gloria Weeks, METCO Social Worker

We have already begun to think about the summer mailing for the 2018-2019 school year. We will most likely transition to many of the documents being sent electronically and then have students receive their teacher letter in the regular postal mail.

Parent Summer "To Do List"


Please do the following as soon as you receive your summer mailing:

1. Go into Aspen and update contact information. This is IMPORTANT because if there is some emergency or reason we need to contact you or doctors, etc., we refer to that information. Having it up to date helps ensure smooth communications with you and helps keep students safe. Directions are included in the mailing as to how to do that.

2. Enter your child/ren(s) dismissal information in the link provided to you or you can go to the Fiske Website and enter it through the link there under announcements on the right hand side. This is also very IMPORTANT to have done because we use that information for the dismissal on the first days of school and thereafter. If we do not have that information, children get nervous and don't know where to go or run the risk of not being where they should which is a safety issue. We ask that you have your child/ren(s) dismissal information entered by August 24th at 10PM. This gives us adequate time to get lists printed up for teachers for the first day of school. Reminders will be sent out from the 14th to the 24th.

3. Review the items listed on the letter related to Fiske Insider's Guide and Volunteer Guide. Be sure to sign off and send those signature pages back to Fiske.

4. Please review the dismissal and pick up procedures for Fiske. Parking and pick up can be challenging. We want to ensure the safety of all students during those times.

Colony Road Cards

Many families have already received their Colony Road cards for the upcoming school year in the summer mailing. If you did not sign up for Colony Road cards, you can come into the office in the first few days of school and have a set made up. Additionally, the form has been reopened and if you submit your request through August 28th, you can pick up your cards on the morning of August 29th. Cards requested before August 1st were sent home with the summer mailing.

Email change reminder

Email addresses for all Lexington Public Schools employees have changed effective July 1. The new email address format is [first letter of first name and last name] For example:,,

Check out Lexington's 2017-2018 School Calendar

The school calendar for the upcoming academic year is available for you to review. Holidays and vacations are shaded in grey for your convenience. The first day of school for 2017-2018 is Tuesday, August 29.

Click here to view or download the 2017-2018 Lexington Public Schools Calendar.



Click here for the complete Fiske School Calendar


FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL | Tuesday, August 29

PTO Welcome Back Coffee | Tuesday, August 29 @ 8:30
(Held in Gymnasium, please do not use main entry, but go around the right side of the school to get to the gym. Signs will be posted.)

BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT | Thursday, September 28 Schedule can be found: HERE