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Junk In The Trunk!

Contents Of Junk In the Truck

Pink jumper cables, 1 survival food bar and

2 emergency purified drinking water pouches, Daphne playing cards, 36-

pc first aid kit, waterproof matches, hand-powered flashlight, emergency

blanket, 4 in 1 waterproof whistle (whistle, compass, storage, mirror).

Who needs Junk In The Trunk?

Every woman needs the Junk In The Trunk in her own trunk! (She’s needs one

in her husband’s too! He can blame it on her! Besides, pink is the new black!)

How much is the Junk in the Trunk?

It is only $70 And comes with a One year Warranty with proof of purchase. It provides peace of mind that in the even of a dead battery or brief auto emergency. Provides the necessary tools to wait for help or alert others.

Wipe Every Tear!

Damsel in Defense is humbled to be a part of the Wipe Every Team mission. A percentage of YOUR sales is allowing women to be freed from the human trafficking tragedy. YOU are making a difference!

Damsel in Defense Independent Pro- Samantha Swarts

The Damsel Mission

Equip- Women with products that can protect them! Most women have never held a stun gun and can't tell you where to find one to see, hold or purchase. We are changing that!

Empower- Women to protect themselves!

Educate- Women by encouraging them to back up their purchase with self- defense training. Our relationships with our customers and our fight against the national statistics do not end at the time of your purchase!