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Message for Group Members 9/10/15

Burlington Township Foundation Meeting

We look forward to seeing everyone at our first meeting under the new format - Monday (9/14) at 6:00 in the Hopkins Bldg cafeteria. We are excited about the opportunity this gives to bring more people together and hopefully that will result in more information getting out about what each group is doing and better success across the board. To that end, while keeping the Foundation general meeting portion short, we'd like to give a member of each group a minute or two to give a heads up on what you have coming up in the next few weeks - primarily an opportunity for you to spotlight the things you think you can get better success by spreading the word in this forum. We'll do this at each meeting so you can save mention of stuff not happening in the next few weeks for a future meeting.

See you next week!

Greg Komiskey

President, Burlington Township Foundation

Check Request Procedures

We've created a new email address for members to submit processing requests; please use for submitting check requests and other processing needs and questions. Having this new email will allow us to direct incoming requests to different people to ensure they are addressed even when one person may not be available. Danny Komiskey will be the primary processor going forward, with others as backup, freeing time for LaVerne Kirn to focus on financial reporting, the auditors, and other activities. You can continue to send paperwork to us at the school district business office by US or interoffice mail or drop it in the mailbox at LaVerne's front door and we'll be sure to get it to the person who will be processing. Please remember, standard processing for check requests is "in by Friday, out by Wednesday", but if you occasionally have the need for a quicker turnaround please let us know and we'll work with you to get it done.

Advertising Events

Submit fundraising events to be advertised to: We will list on our website and forward this information to Liz Scott and to each building level coordinator. Please note any special requests such as dates to be advertised and if requesting to be listed on the electronic sign.
Upcoming Events this Week.

Help spread the word!

Car Wash Hosted by BT Field Hockey

Saturday, September 12, 2015

8am to 2pm

BTHS Firelane